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Tales of the Mongrel
The Neutralizer - Part 2

As the Neutralizer’s left hand grabbed the 10” Porsche- styled steering wheel of the race-prepared Mk III MGB roadster, his right hand hauled forward the Mac 10 sub-gun from the B’s compartment area just beyond the passenger seat. The 2 Renault Megan mid engines were upon him (Megan is the Renault version of the Audi TT). The 2 Megans had somehow tracked him from the military airstrip in Belgrade, Serbia.
The Neutralizer’s mission – to find Sir William’s base of operations in Serbia and destroy his transmission center that was directing pirate signals to satellites to tell nuclear power stations in the US to melt down.
Ralph Arata a.k.a. the Neutralizer was sent by the top of the US Justice Department Fed, Jim Evans, to “neutralize” the threat and Sir William, if possible.
The lead Renault Mid-Engine Megan was upon the “B” as Arata a.k.a. the Neutralizer, hit the accelerator and the Pirelli P-8s grabbed for pay-dirt. The physics of the tire’s super sensitive compounds, added by the super charged V-6 under its bonnet, shot the MG from a dead stop to 60 in 3 seconds.
The 2 Megans charged forward and the Neutralizer pointed the Mac 10 and pulled its trigger on full auto. At 200 rounds per second the 45 milimeter NATO full jacket metal ammunition tore threw the lead Megan without mercy. Its gunner, torn to shreds, flopped out like a rag doll from the T-top. Its driver’s lifeless hands told the racing vehicle to take its own path which it did ending in a somersault and crashing into a bridge.
The second Megan came on as the Neutralizer threw the empty sub-gun aside and drew his Israeli Desert Eagle 44-magnum hand cannon. The Neutralizer could not just disable but had to destroy – time was now crucial (he was discovered by Sir William) and no communications from the 2nd Megan could be allowed.
The Megan came on! The gunner’s Karishnikov blazing from it’s 200 round barrel clip. The MG took multiple hits, its armoured body panels taking damage but not yielding. The Dessert Eagle boomed in the Neutralizer’s hand but the shot at 90mph+ was tough and a score improbable. The Neutralizer tucked the gun into his Kevlar war vest and chose to out-drive the chasing Megan.
The Serbian motorway was not good, a patch-work post Balkan conflict roadway but no where the calibur of US super highways. The soldier steered the MG left to right and right to left, inviting the Renault mid-engine to get closer ……… and it did. The Neutralizer suddenly hit the brakes with both feet, power-shifted into third and steered a bone jarring 180 degrees pointing the “B” at the on-coming Megan. Chicken!! The driver of the French sports car, shocked by the sudden face of death, steered hard right ……………. he never made it as the Megan somersaulted again and again in the pasture that ran both sides of the Serbian motor-way.

No time for the body count. Arata slammed the shifter into first and with another 180 was on his way to destiny with Sir William.
The soldier’s cell phone vibrated and Arata immediately picked up the “Farm’s” call. Rienout’s voice (Rienout was the Farm’s cyber expert tracking the satellite signature of Sir William’s pirate signal) was clear! “You must proceed 60 kilometers due west – the location appears there…. and hurry!” “Sir William’s signal scramblers are hard to stay with – they are throwing me real fits!”
The MGB powered to Novasad, Serbia – the last point for Reinout’s cyber-cloning of Sir William’s satellite signal. It took seconds for the “B” to hit 100 mph. It took less than 30 mins for the MG to roll into Serbia’s #3 city. Novasad is a city of 125,000 inhabitants


whose architecture is almost Swedish-like with its main thoroughfares dominated by 3 and 4 story bricked buildings covered with a tan-ish stucco. Its main drag – a pedestrian mall was full of life. It was dusk and the people were already on the streets, in their festive mood, attending the cities many beer gardens.
The soldier could not help but notice the women. Slavic women are known as the most beautiful in world …………. and everyone was a true Barbie Doll, both in form and fashion. That moment of reverie, as the Neutralizer sat sipping a beer, was broken as Reinout’s call came in!
Reinout was clear! “Please proceed to the town center!” “You will see stairs leading under the city hall building that you will recognize as it is the biggest damn thing in town!” Arata, already having passed the structure on the way in, moved quickly to it. As he proceeded down the stairs he pulled the Beretta 93R from shoulder leather and fixed the sound suppressor to it. Set for 3-round burst he was ready. At the bottom of the stairs were only windows – no visible doorway which would have been heavily guarded by Sir William’s unseen assassins.
The solder moved to a corner window and affixed a sensing device to it. “Strange, no monitors” thought the Neutralizer! He carefully attached a suction cup and glass cutter to the window and cut an opening through it large enough to allow the soldier to pass.
Once inside he grabbed for a small pen light from his war vest and made his way forward into an unlit room.
“Greetings my friend”, came an English voice with a heavy Yorkshire accent ………… Sir William!
The Neutralizer froze as Sir William’s long shadow made its way into the dark room – flanked by a pair of body guards on each side. Suddenly from the corner of the soldier’s eye he spied 3 other hardmen approaching cautiously from his right. The hairs on the back of the Neutralizer’s neck raised as his combat senses came alert.
This was it! The Neutralizer sprang into action with his Berretta 93-R yanked in a second from the quick draw shoulder holster set for 3 round burst. Two strokes of the hair trigger quickly took down the 3 Sir William mercenaries to his right but 4 more came on full speed to take him down. Two hit him straight on and pile-drove him into the opposite wall.
The Neutralizer saw stars and the sinking feeling that he had – he then realized was his falling to the floor.
His eyes opened…. blinking. Where am I? What place is this?? Am I bound or free to move???
“You silly man”, my wife Susan said! “You just had one of those silly secret agent dreams of yours’ and fell out of bed …………. and by the way, what did you mean by yelling BARBIE DOLL!”.
“Oh, oh” thought Arata! How do I get out of this one????

“Susan, I wasn’t dreaming about being a secret agent but about you!”
“You are my Barbie Doll!”

Next: Final Conflict and does Arata stay married??????

-- Ralph Arata

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