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Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline
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Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
William 'Wilbur' Mennell The Steering Column
from your President
Left hand drive

To truly find inner peace and tranquility, one must be able to prioritize life's events, AKA don't sweat the small stuff. Several weeks ago we experienced the first really nice Sunday of the season. In fact, it was almost too hot. A beautiful day to get a jump on the spring yard work. It was also the day scheduled for the first driving event of the year, Paul Urquhart's spring tour.

Having our priorities in order, Deb found the sunscreen and off we headed to Crystal Lake to meet with eleven other MGs for a scenic trip to Lake Geneva. A glorious day to drop the hood and hit the back roads for some spirited driving. We did make a quick stop in Pell Lake, Wisconsin, to the check the fluid levels. The MG was fine, but we had to re-hydrate. One quick one, then back to Crystal Lake for lunch before heading home. And do you know what? When we got back home the yard work was still there for us to enjoy doing another day. Hopefully I will find another priority when that day comes.

This year CMGC has scheduled numerous driving events including rallyes, at least four autocrosses, and a fall weekend trip to Abingdon. Try to attend at least one of each type of event. If you haven't rallyed or autocrossed before, give it a try. You might just like it. And don't forget the upcoming British Car Week, May 22 thru 30. It's the time for those of us who don't use our MGs as daily drivers to take them to work or the grocery store and show support for our hobby. Wave to the drivers of other LBCs. But like we said at the April meeting, if you wave to a Triumph driver, be sure to use all five fingers.


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