Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline July 2008
Natter ‘N Noggin -
The Search is Still On!

Yes, we haven't yet decided for a final location for our Monthly N&N. Please help us with more ideas. We have been at every suggested location two times now and will keep circling around until the end of the season. But we would really like to try out a few more places before we settle on a formal and consistent roster. You know the rules: not too noisy, plenty free parking, and no more than one mile from an express way.
For our July 8th N&N we'll try out the patio at Mullen's in Lisle. We had two good evenings there in the winter, so it is time for the outdoors.
Mullin's logo
Mullen's Bar & Grill
3080 Warrenville Road
Lisle, IL 60532
Ph. 630 505 0240

  This is just North of I 88 at the Naperville Road exit, on the NE corner of the Naperville Road and Warrenville Road intersection.

Mullen’s has a very nice website complete with menu, map, and directions at (select the Lisle location)


Library Muse

Not much to report this month. The annual Elkhart Lake camping trip for the Road America vintage races is the weekend immediately prior to our next meeting. As is my usual custom I will be staying up in God’s Country following the races for a little fishing and R&R, therefore the library will be closed for July. But let me whet your appetite for the August meeting when we will be back with several new editions, including Against Death and Time by Brock Yates.
Against Death and Time
By Brock Yates
2004, softbound, 235 pages
We are probably not strangers to Brock Yates, having read his articles in Car and Driver Magazine and with his famous outlaw Cannonball race across North America. In this book he talks about the racing year of 1955, which saw the deaths of Alberto Ascari and Bill Vukovich, and the tragedy at Le Mans. This book is written in the first person from the perspective of a free-lance reporter/writer (and MG driver) who is an eyewitness to the above-mentioned events. The book is not gory, but it certainly points out the lack of safety for the drivers and spectators in the post-war era of racing and is a good history of the sport from years gone by.

-- Wilbur

ebay Parts Program

After some period of discussion, the CMGC has launched a program to sell/dispose of/distribute excess MG parts via an eBay effort. Club member David Evans has volunteered to start and head up this new function for the club. The need for this type of function was realized last year when the club received a large donation of used parts with the proviso that they be used for the benefit of the club. Some of these parts were sold directly to club members and some were brought to the British Car Swap Meet last February. However, many items still remain and the alternatives would be either to toss them in a dumpster, or to hang on to them indefinitely, or to proactively find a way to put them in the hands of an enthusiast who would be appreciative. And, as it turns out, the club does receive donations of extra parts from time-to-time with similar intent, so there is a need for an ongoing effort in this area. Hence the decision to place these parts on eBay: hopefully, items that are


not of interest to our members will find a home somewhere else. So the plan is to sell these items, and also future donations, via eBay at modest prices. Please note that the intent here is not to “get rich” or to “make money” but, rather, to help maintain some MG somewhere that otherwise might get crushed, and that all funds generated by this effort net of costs will accrue directly to the club and will not benefit any one individual. Dave has developed a set of procedures that will help us manage this effort in a fair and reasonable way. If you have any questions, contact Dave at his official club email address:

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