Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline July 2008
Land’s End Rally
June 8, 2008

“It was a dark and stormy night…” Well it didn’t start out that way for the rally’s five teams. The Land’s End Rally start couldn’t be more perfect – warm morning, clear sky with a few puffy clouds – a great day for a top-down rally. We left Campton Forest Preserve with rally instructions in hand – each driver/navigator determining their route. The only big hindrance was getting stuck behind a farm implement hogging the road at 5 mph. He finally turned off and we were on way to one of the first rally stops – A pancake breakfast served by the Kaneville Volunteer Fire Department. Excellent food and at $5 for all-you-can eat – it was great! Only problem was that while we were feasting inside the fire department garage, a freak torrential downpour occurred and promptly deposited water inside our open-car cockpits – almost a ¼” according to Tom Holzinger’s open ashtray! We waited out the storm and then wiped up the mess and continued on our way taking note that the sky was looking very black to the northwest across the open fields. Since our route was taking us south, we weren’t too concerned – but kept an eye on the pending storm. We didn’t have to wait too long. The ominous black clouds were closing in on us and some appeared to be swirling – Time to put up the tops. Just in time. The winds picked up, the clouds were a funny color, the temperature dropped and the rains came in buckets – too hard of a downpour to drive. Some teams sought shelter in a local establishment - ‘The Pit Stop’, others huddled their cars against a building to get out of the driving rain. It was noted by one of the teams that three funnel-shaped clouds were kicking up dust in the fields and saw evidence of damage to a large tree in a farmer’s yard. The rain did let up enough to continue the rally. We ended up at Silver Springs State Park outside of Yorkville, IL greeted by Wade Keene and a cooler full of goodies to grill. Of course, now the sun was shining like nothing happened. Maybe we were only imagining the events of the past four hours…
The trip home was quite uneventful. I cruised up to Cary, IL with the wind in my hair, a smile on my face in satisfaction of a great rally and a smooth running vehicle. Thanks Wade for a fun day!

Final Rally Results:
1st     Steve and Liz Gorr
2nd     Steve and Bob Lenz
3rd     Victor L’Heureux (solo)

Additional participants included Tom Holzman and Ed Mish with his grandson. Ed gets a special congratulations for following directions and bringing a ‘youngin along to the rally!

-- Victor


AHCA Spring Gymkhana
Sunday, June 1, 2008

I went to the autocross, primarily to figure out how the Austin Healey Club had managed to set up the event when we had failed to get permission to use the same venue for ourselves. I did manage to get in touch with a few people but it looks like for the time being we will just have to keep looking. There are a few possibilities I am looking into.
Anyhow, while I was there I figured I’d make good use of my MG Midget. I stopped by Barney’s place so we could prep the car a bit (things like tighten lug-nuts, check tire pressure, improvise a battery tie down, fill shocks with oil, that sort of thing) and then headed off for the course. I was the ONLY MG Midget; however there were a few MG B's present. I don't have all of the results at this point, but I took second place in the MG Midget class and Barney took first. I made sure to have my video camera handy and I posted it on youtube. You can see it at the following website. having been to one I really hope that I can make it to more of them in the future. If my well loved and rusty Midget can take the punishment any MG can! *JUST UPDATED* Final results may be viewed online at
- Seth Jones

Rear Hub Seals and Installing Speedy-Sleeves
Sunday, June 15, 2008

Steve Boswick hosted a repair / tech session at his home on June 15th. The goal was to replace the rear hub seals and install “Speedy-Sleeves” on his MGA.
With it being Father’s Day turn out was low… Barney was able to head up to Wilmette to help out though. The tech session was a success. Speedy sleeves installed along with new oil seals. Then we filled the rear axle with gear oil and took it for a test run. The MGA has rear brakes now, the oil isn't leaking on the brake shoes any more. Barney arrived around 10:00 AM, and we went right to work. We finished up about 2:00 PM. After a test drive we fired up the Webber grill and had a couple of brats and a few beers. Barney told some MGA tales and we ended about 4:00 PM. Thanks to Barney for his help and experience; another repaired MG remains on the road!
- Steve Boswick

Declare Your Independence -
MG 2008 - June 25-29th

John and the “Caravan Crew” are well on their way at this point to MG 2008 in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. John has promised a complete wrap up including many photos for the August issue of Driveline… stay tuned!

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