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Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline
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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline

The Passenger Seat

Ray Glorioso This year I have priced and purchased a new car, on line, bought repair parts for my air compressor, on line, looked for a way of finishing my degree, on line, conversed with my children, on line, written this column and forwarded it to the Driveline editor, on line. I even conduct business, on line. Iím told that I can check my bank balances (even the all too often negative ones), pay my bills, purchase the groceries, and get advice all, on line. Did you know that the post office just raised the price of a first class stamp?

Do you know where this is headed? Can the second chair relate these two thoughts? Has he finally lost it? Should he be removed from office since he has lost his mind?

I wonder if we the Chicagoland MG Club should move away from Guttenburg and that new fangled "moveable type" towards "CYBER PUBLISHING". No I am not proposing that tomorrow we cease publishing a hard copys of our house organ, I am merely wondering if there is a more efficient way to deliver our message. I hope that sometime in the not to distant future that we can test this method of cyber delivery while maintaining our current "ink, paper, staple and stamp". We might be able to save a tree, a little money, and some of the labor involved in this magical publishing process.

Please grab me at our next meeting, Iím the one with the gray hair and beard, and tell me your thoughts on this method of distrubition.

Did you know that I have asked for opinions in the past and have had only two people come forward with theirs? I wonder if anyone reads this column?

Ray Glorioso

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