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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
July Meeting Minutes
July 18, 2005

The meeting was called to order at 8:20 pm by Co-Chairman Wade Keene as Doug Clark banged the table with a mustard bottle (since we didn't have a gavel). Just for good measure, our waitress, aka "the human gavel", shouted at everyone (has she had a lot of practice with Robert?) to be quiet; which was far more effective. Wade and Doug were the only officers present, so if there ever was a chance to stage a "coup", and install a "junta" replete with henchmen - this was it (no such luck). In attendance were 37 people, which included guests Noah & Oliver Shlaes of Oak Park ('58 MGA - at one time a high school class project car) and Dave (sorry, didn't catch the last name or where he's from - but he has a '67 B).

Past Events

Doug Clark Unfortunately, the 6/26/005 autocross wasn't held despite a turnout of eight cars (no cones) "The Coneless Wonders".
Reinout Vogt reported that last month five couples (Mennells, Coopers, Goebberts, Mullis, & Vogts) plus a few kids went to Holland (in Europe, not on the other side of Lake Michigan) for the 50th anniversary celebration of the Holland MG Club. He said about 500 cars were present. He's hopeful of organizing some of the digital photos taken onto a disk for viewing by members at a future monthly meeting.
Jack Feldman reported on the NAMGBR convention in Wash., as the Club members (incl. Co-Chairman John Schroeder who drove there) were not at the meeting and who, by now, (presumably) are on the correct side of the Continental Divide (which should help with the return journey). Jack flew there, meeting his son and said it was a successful and well-run convention.
Doug recapped the recent locally held (at Indian Lakes Resort) GOF (Central). Over 100 cars were present, with 23 in the "First Timers" show. Those who drove the farthest were from Kansas, Minnesota, and Ontario. At least two CMGC members won awards - Ray Navarro ('36 PB) and Reinout ('31 M). The local drives were to Cantigny, the Naper Settlement, & Fermilab. Reinout added that many interesting cars - such as a couple of SAs were present.
Doug said he attended the car show (over 150), sat in on an MG electrics seminar, and helped Jeff Zorn of the LBC Co. pack up his merchandise trailer at the NAMGAR ("GT-30") convention in northern Michigan last week, as he was on vacation in that area.
Jake Snyder reported on the past weekend's festivities at the Historic Races at Elkhart Lake. About 25 camped at Plymouth Rock There were plenty of interesting race cars (e.g., Aston Martins, Ferraris, T-Series MGs) which could be seen on the track. He also reviewed the Can-Am & Historic F1 races.

Upcoming Events

Wade announced that a CMGC Staff meeting will probably be scheduled for 8/1/05 (7:00 p.m.?) - at a site to be determined (but at one that will have a copious amount of amber coloured liquid?).
Larry Daniels mentioned that in downtown Aurora on 8/5/05 a "Cruise Night" will be held, with the main attraction being the Beatles look-alike (and sound-alike) group American English. Our MGs will be grouped together - we should arrive by 5:30p.m. A link to the actual location will be on our web site.
University Motors' Summer Reunion party will be 8/18/05-8/21/05 (near Grand Rapids, Mich.).
Wade reminded everyone of the 8/21/05 "Larry's (Czachor) Laugh Aloud Rally". The details for which should be appearing on the web site And in this issue of the Driveline.
"Cowboy" mentioned that he's hopeful of organizing a summer tech session - sometime in August, with the likely car/patient being an early/mid 70's B (in Naperville).
"Cowboy" reminded everyone of the British Car Union Festival (to be held on 9/11/05) and said he would bring volunteer sign-up sheets to the August Club meeting. CMGC will again help with the marshalling of cars, esp. since the Lotus Club will have fewer members helping (the site locations for some of the car groups have changed).
Members were reminded to make their plans for the (10/7/05-10/9/05) Abingdon Weekend.
Members are urged to check the Club web site for further details and/or updates to any upcoming CMGC or LBC related events.


Jim Michel talked about a charity auction to benefit the Little Friends of Naperville. A very nice MGA (which will be pictured on our web site) will be the subject of the auction. The car will be shown at the 9/11/05 British Car Union Festival, so that as many people as possible will get to see it up close.
Dave Lieb said he recently went on the 6th annual LBC "Scroll" Rally in eastern Penn. that was a lot of fun.
Jim Renkar mentioned that he drove his MG to an LBC event near Indpls, Ind.
David L. Ransom, Jr. said that if the Club would like to hold this year's Christmas party the first Saturday in December at the same site in Elmwood Park - it's possible, because he's reserved it for that night (appreciative applause).
Wade announced that Bob Simon will be taking over the Driveline and that his e-mail address will be on the CMGC web site.
Wade also said the Club needs a Webmaster. Barney, the current Webmaster, can provide training, if requested. If no one steps forward, the web site (which is very useful and informative) will cease to exist.
Wade thanked Barney - and that was echoed by all present - for being the Driveline Editor and the Webmaster.
Wade suggested two possible program topics for the August meeting. A speaker on polishing & detailing (in preparation of the BCU Festival car show) and a discussion exploring the possibility of CMGC in a few years hosting a NAMGBR convention. After a show of hands by those present (and with enough energy or still awake), the NAMGBR option won.

At just before 9:00 the business portion of the meeting concluded, and during the ensuing break, in lieu of selling 50/50 raffle tickets, anyone interested, put a dollar bill (with their name on it) into a hat, for a lucky winner to be drawn. As we had no raffle tickets, and since we wanted to satisfy our need to gamble (owning at least one MG notwithstanding) - this was the next best thing! It was: a) fitting b) ironic c) a fluke d) entirely bogus e) all of these, that the winner was none other that the one who suggested this get-rich-quick scheme - "Wilbur"! His haul was a grand total of $13. Since the Treasurer, Jim Evans, was AWOL, the remaining $12 was placed in the temporary (i.e., until he loses it by writing his name on each one and trying it again some Saturday night on the CTA - probably on the Howard line) custody of the Secretary.
After the dust settled, the meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

Respectufully submitted,
Doug Clark

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