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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline

Lucas Memorial Night Rally
August 31, 2002

To all you MGers that did not participate in the Lucas Night Rally, you missed a great one! Although my wife and I have participated in only three rallies, this one included, we really had a ball. With a time limit, a large area to cover and no route instructions we decided to go with our gut feeling and follow the main roads to cover as much ground as we could, that was the key to our success.

Being one of the underdogs 7 MG's to 10 Miatas, not concerned that our car was 26+ years old, and stopping in Algonquin to find one my brothers along the way, we were still able to pull off the 1st place win, it was so unbelievably awesome we could not believe we won. Hope to see more MG's next year.

Thank you David Leib for another great rally that we enjoyed very much.

Safety Fast, Sincerely,
David & Sandra Ransom, Jr.

  Driver          Navigator	  Car         Score  Odo  Time  Penalty  points
Dave Ransom     Sandra Ransom    MGB  White     230   51  2:07    -4      17
Roger Goebert   Shirley Goebert	 MGB  Yellow?   216   49  2:05    -2      16
Kevin Sheldon   Vicki Sheldon    MGB  Green     208   53  1:51     0      14
Paul Urquhart   Cindy Urquhart   MGA  Red       207   43  1:45     0      14
Russ Fitch      MGB  Green                      169   50  2:08    -4      13
Wade Keene      Glynis Keene     MGB  Green     158   52  1:54     0      12
Barney Gaylord  Elliot Gaylord   MGA  Red        -6    0  2:15    -6       0

Neil Krus       Barb McCutcheon  Miata  Black   216   61  1:56     0      15
Gene Brooks     Linda Brooks     Miata  Gray    204   72  2:18    -8      16
Jim Tracy       Carol Tracy      Miata  Blue    180   54  2:04    -2      13
Tom Fricke      Joan Fricke      Miata  Black   165   57  2:19    -8      13
Sue Jensky      Jim Smith        Miata  Silver  160   57  2:13    -6      13
Jeffrey Simon   Marilyn Nance    Miata  Red	156   36  1:42     0      11
Jim Osburn      Anne Osburn      Miata  White   128   62  2:07    -4      10
Tim  Joos       Deb Joos         Miata  Green   113   49  2:03    -2       9
Tim  Martin     Pat Marcus       Miata  Red     105   56  2:07    -4       8

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