Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline November 2009

Business Meeting Minutes
Monday, October 19, 2009

Attendance: 49 members
Themonthly meeting was called to order at 8:06 pm by President, Jim Evans.
Jimrecognized new members – Tony Merek and Jim Vondran – in attendance tonight. Jim also welcomed many past members that attended tonight’s CMGC anniversary party.
CurrentCar Projects –Dave Bralich gave the ‘rest of the story’ with his clutch slave cylinder failure returning home from the Orphan Car Picnic. Turns out the slave cylinder clevis pin was severely worn providing too much ‘play’ to perform correctly. Dean Swanson noted his car engine would quit when coming to a stop. He found the carburetor dampers were dry. The car works well once the oil was replenished. Jim noted a member spotted a 1963 Mk1 Midget for sale by a private party. It was posted ‘for sale - $500’ on a front lawn in Elmhurst. It does not have an engine, but looks structurally intact. Rare find. Contact Jim Evans.
PastEvents - See details in the Driveline or on the Website for additional details of these events.
Lion’s Club Car Show – Morris, IL - 10/11/09
October Tech Session – engine rebuild session is postponed until required parts are received.
UpcomingEvents - See details in the Driveline or on the Website of the many events available for club members in the near future.
10/25/09 – Halloween Rally – will be in the Northwest suburbs – details on website and Driveline.
11/08/09 – Fall Tune-down and Chili Party – Dave Bralich again will sponsor this event at his house. The event will focus on safety checks along with preparing the cars for winter storage.
11/21/09 – University Motors auction – remaining car parts, tools and documentation will be auctioned at the UM facility.
11/26/09 – Cruise the Rock – Chicago, IL – The annual event originated and participated by the CMGC is being organized again by Ann & Jake Snyder.
12/12/09 – Holiday Party – Combined party with Vintage MG Car Club members to be held at Elmcrest Banquets, Elmwood Park, IL.
On-DemandRegalia – An additional method to obtain CMGC regalia is being implemented utilizing a website to order single items with the CMGC logo. The details are being worked out and should be available January 2010.
SocialNetworking – CMGC is making its appearance on Facebook for club use. Kim Tonry is heading up a team to set up and monitor this networking site. More details to be available next month.
CMGCStaff Elections – Jim announced again that nominations are being accepted for the 2010 staff positions. Initial nominations were made and the following members have accepted: President – Dave Peterson; Vice-President – Dino Perez; Treasurer – Ralph Arata; Secretary - Victor L’Heureux. Nominations are still open for another month. Submit additional


nominations to Jim Evans.
Bruce Magers – one of the original founders of the Chicagoland MG Club – provided some insight to the early club days. It all started at the Stone Cottage Tavern (North Ave & Hwy 83) October 1976 when Bruce and Rick Angelica discussed the possibility of forming a local chapter of the American MGB association. The first official club meeting was on October 28, 1976 with four members meeting at Mack’s Golden Pheasant Restaurant. Recruiting new members at the 1978 Chicago Auto Show increased the club roster. Bruce noted that a number of club members participated as extras in the ‘Blues Brothers’ movie in downtown Chicago. Scenes from Wacker Drive and Dailey Plaza were the highlights of the participants’ movie career. The club also started the Abingdon Gymkhana in early 1980 after locating a town near Galesburg, Illinois with the same spelling as Abingdon, England. They approached the city officials with a plan for the event and were surprised with the assistance provided – blocking off a main street and holding the Gymkhana. This yearly event lasted for a number of years.
Members attending tonight reminisced of past personal experiences and events and concluded with cake and champagne for all club members.
50/50Raffle – Dave Bralich went home $39 richer and Craig McCloud became the proud owner of a Classic Motorsports tee shirt (Again! He won a tee shirt last month also.)
Meeting adjourned at 9:45 pm
-Victor L’Heureux

The Natter 'n Noggin Table
Tapper Challenge

November is an odd month so we will have the Natter 'n Noggin up North again. Finn McCool's is the place to be on Tuesday the 10th. In the October Driveline you can read a little bit about N&N, for those of you who are not aware of the concept. The last N&N at Finn Mc Cool's was MG Ladies Night, kindly supported by Danielle, the manager. It worked out great and we had well over 20 guests. The October N&N at Roundhead's also had well over 20 attendees. This time we'll do something else at Finn McCool's. You may have seen their famous table tappers at some of the tables around us. We have never ordered one, but if you ever wondered how it would be to have our own private meter (about 3 ft. for those unfamiliar with the metric system) of beer, this challenge is for you. We'll challenge you to come and beat the 30 mark. Yes, if there are 30 or more people joining us for N&N, we (Jim and Reinout) will buy a couple of table tappers with beer for the group!
Finn McCool's is very easy to find. It is right at the Algonquin Road off-ramp from Route 53 (which is the I-355/290 extension) Coming from the North or the South, turn Right, West, on Algonquin and Finn McCool's is right there on the left side. The reservation for 7:00 PM on November 10th is

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