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As I write this, Christmas eve afternoon, Deb and I have just returned from a nice top-down drive in the B. A little cool, but a little single malt sure does take the chill off. A nice little relaxing break while wrapping last minute presents. But why does the heater work so well in the summer and the AC in the winter???? An other mystery, why do the multi colored stings of ribbon that come on those cardboard tubes get just as tangled up as the line on my fishing reels? Maybe it has some thing to do with the single malt.

Seth has already made a suggestion for the library for the upcoming year, but we will gladly entertain more. Just let me know. Have a safe and healthy new year.

Anglo-American Cars
From the 1930s to the 1970s

by Norm Mort
2009, soft cover, 90 pages, color photos

It has a Tiger on the cover that caught my eye. Red of course. On the inside are plenty of color photos and a page or so of text on various makes, including the Arnolt-MG and the Inskip MG.

MG Record Breakers from Abingdon
Photo Archive

By Richard L. Knudson
2004, soft cover,126 pages, b&w photos

We are all familiar with Haynes manuals. This one is chocked full of photos, diagrams, and charts for the A-series. Should have all the info that one might need to get a midget or Mini running to perfection.


101 Brockbank Cartoons
Russell Brockbank
2008, soft cover, 112 pages

Born in Canada and raised in England, Brockbank was a professional artist but his real love was in the automobile field. This volume is a collection of some of his work as a cartoonist from the 50s thru 70s. British humor.

~~ Bill Mennell  

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