Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline January 2014

2014 Dues are now due!
Take a look at your mailing label. If it shows "2013," we haven't yet received you dues.
Just clip the renewal form in this issue of the newsletter or use the pre-addressed return envelope provided in last months issue of Driveline.
Fill in the requested information and send with your $25 check payable to CMGC to:
Chicagoland MG Club PO Box 455, Addison, IL 60101

Membership Application and Renewal
Dues and registration: $25.00 per year
Make your check payable to: Chicagoland MG Club
Mail your payment to: Chicagoland MG Club PO Box 455, Addison, IL 60101

Include the following with your dues. We will use this information to update our membership directory.

Name:___________________________________ Spouse or Partner:_______________________________

Address:_______________________________________ Email:___________________________________
City, State and

Home Phone:______________________ Cell Phone: ______________________
 YearColorMake / Model
MGs Owned_______________________________________________
MGs Owned_______________________________________________
MGs Owned_______________________________________________
Other British Car(s)_______________________________________________



British Automotive Humor......

A man in a Jaguar passed an MGA that had broken down by the side of the road. Being a kind driver, he stopped and fixed a tow-rope to the MG, and began towing it to the nearest garage. After a few minutes, a Porsche passed them at high speed.

The Jaguar driver was not going to be outdone by a Porsche, so, forgetting that he had an MGA in tow, he slammed his foot down and indulged in a high speed race with the Porsche down the road. The MG and its occupant trailed wildly about at the end of the rope, frantically trying to attract their attention.

A police driver saw them and gave chase. He radioed back to the Police Station "Sarge, you'll never believe this. I've just seen a Porsche and a Jaguar neck and neck doing 150 mph, and a bloke in an MG flashing his lights, blowing his horn and trying to overtake them!"

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