Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline January-February 2011
Past Events
2010 Chicagoland MG
Holiday Party

As usual for the last couple of years, the first Saturday in December was the day for the Chicagoland MG Holiday Party. The two local MG Clubs gathered again for dinner and entertainment at Elmcrest Banquets in Elmwood Park. About 70 Vintage MG Club of Chicago and Chicagoland MG Club members attended and enjoyed the fine food along with the camaraderie of fellow MG owners.

Master of Ceremony Victor L'Heureux, in black tie, opened the evening and led the after dinner gift raffles. Apparently, our Holiday Party was not very high on Santa's priority list. He outsourced his visit to Ed Elf.

Ed was probably an Elvis impersonator,
diversifying his business with some seasonal work as an Elf contractor. And with Elvis glasses and a cigar in his mouth he assisted Victor with the raffles, while making jokes about the male raffle winners and flirting with the girls. Victor did fantastic in MC'ing the whole thing and evening turned out another great success.

There were many present and like previous years, the club presents and the gifts that were brought in by various members proved again a great success and many people went home with a nice gift. Printer Dave Ransom made a very quick guest-appearance to drop of the traditional Cream Crackers note pads towards the end of the evening.

Several people stayed around for more MG conversations: the tire-kicking, reviewing the MG driving experiences of 2010 and looking forward to 2011. You will find several photos of the evening in this issue and hopefully it will spark your commitment to attend the 2011 Holiday Party. Time enough to schedule, arrange a baby sitter or plan to ride with members from your area. And from all who where there, a big thank you to Ralph, Victor, and Dave!

-- Reinout Vogt  

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