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Those of you who know me may know that Iím not a fan of social media. I donít twitter, tweet, text or toot. Iím not on in-your-Facebook. I prefer face to face contact. So to the three or four of you that may actually read the Library Muse, my only public forum, let me apologize while I rant. During this past Presidentís Day season Chrysler was running TV ads showing black and white photos of a past president that leads into their commercial. The one that got my goat was the Dodge ad that started out with Theodore Roosevelt and The Rough Riders at San Juan Hill with the catch line ďdonít bet against American muscle.Ē

First of all, Roosevelt didnít charge up San Juan Hill, it was Kettle Hill. Secondly, they were acting as an infantry unit, not cavalry. Thirdly, Chrysler is now owed by Fiat, which makes them an Italian company. No, Iím not anti-Fiat, having owned a 124 Spyder back in the late 70ís. I had a lot of fun with that car, even if it wasnít the most reliable of vehicles. Nor am I anti-Chrysler with Deb owning a 67 Sunbeam (affectionately known as The Plymouth) which was built after Chrysler had bought Rootes. Itís fun to take that car to the local car shows on Mopar night and parking in the area for the featured make. It always causes an argument with the Mopar guys. I guess they forgot about the Plymouth Cricket. Or maybe theyíre just trying to.

OK, off the soapbox. This year we went to two auto shows, Detroit and Chicago. One of the highlights for me was the new Ram (Dodge) pickup truck. It has lockable storage bins in each side rail of the bed. Perfect for storing tools, fishing poles, or ice and adult beverages. (See, I told you that Iím not anti-Chrysler) Also Chicago had some exotic cars that we didnít see in Detroit. A beautiful Ferrari California in midnight blue that from the side was reminiscent of a Ferrari GTO. Lotuses (Loti?), Rollers and Bentleys. Being a fan of all things Jaguar, at both shows I spent some time drooling over the new F-Type. Gorgeous in either hard top or roadster (drop top coupe in Brit speak), one would certainly look good in my garage, even if they donít have proper transmissions.

~~Bill Mennell

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