Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline April 2012

CMGC Regalia

Driving season is upon us! Look your best on the outings with a CMGC Name Tag.
We only need a few more names to put in our order for more name tags. So if you want or need a club name tag, now is the time to get in gear and give us your name now, so that you won't have to wait until the next batch is on order.

The following names are on the list for a Name Tag:
John Kearns
Wayne Schnell
Colleen Schnell
Darryl Mayo
Jeff Elks
Lynn Elks

The new License Plate Frames are in!!!

We have just received a batch of Club license plate frames. They will be going on sale for $14 at our next get together. They are stainless steel with a black finish and sport our club logo and name and I do say they look sharp!

-- George Phariss

books Library Muse

The F1 season is under way. And it looks to be an exciting one. As I write this the Australian race has just been completed. McLaren and Red Bull are on top, but so far Ferrari is off pace. A record of six past champions is driving in the series this year. Renault has been re-named Lotus, but in black and gold livery. With my apologies to Mario and the John Player Special, Lotuses (loti?) should be green and yellow.

Surprisingly this month’s featured book has nothing to do with Formula 1, although the subject of the book has a rich racing history. By member request we have The A-Series Engine, Its First Sixty Years.
~~Bill Mennell

The A-Series Engine
Its First Sixty Years
By Graham Robson, 2011, 202 pages, B&W photos, hardbound

“This is the complete story of the career of one of the world’s most successful car engines, the BMC A-Series unit. In production for almost fifty years, it was tiny and muscular, famous, and incredibly versatile. Without the A-Series, cars like the Mini, the Sprite and several MG record-breaking car would never have existed. Written by an author with unsurpassed knowledge of the engines, the cars they powered, and the personalities who designed, developed, manufactured and drove them.

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