Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline June 2010

30th Annual Running – Land’s End Rally
June 13 marks the date for the 30th annual running of this rally. Starting point will be in the northeast corner of the Meijer's parking lot at Randall Rd and Roosevelt Rd (IL38) in St Charles, with the first car off at 1 pm. Driving time will be about two hours with about 60 miles covered. Ending point will be at Niko's Restaurant in Wasco, about 2 miles east of Rt 47 on Rt 64, where we will review results and have some refreshments. Niko's has put some specials on the menu for us and we will be either on the patio (weather permitting) or in a private room.

The Land's End Rally is the second oldest, continuing event on the club calendar. Initially configured to mimic the Land's End Trial of England, it morphed over the years into a variety of forms as suited the times at hand; this year, we will return to the spirit of that original Land's End Rally as conducted by the club in 1981. Get ready for an old-fashioned, low-key gimmick rally laid out and conducted in the spirit and procedures of club rallymasters in years past.

If you haven‘t been to a club rally before, this is the one to try. No need for fancy stopwatches, GPS's or any other sophisticated navigation device: remember, we will be traveling in 1920's style. Bring a clipboard, a couple of pens, and anything else that you might have wanted with you in 1925 on a long distance drive. Don‘t forget: there were no motels back then, no roadside convenience stores, and actually very few filling stations and telephones (but you should bring your cel for emergency situations).

All driving directions will be clearly spelled out, with no puzzles or brainteasers to solve about finding the correct route. Plan on answering a few questions along the way; after all, this is a ?gimmick? rally and you will need to show that you were actually on the planned route and were observing your surroundings.

This rally will run rain-or-shine. This is a points event for the annual club Driving/Navigating trophies. Rallymaster Jim Evans' cell phone is 630-209-8602. Niko's phone is 630-443-8000. Club members unable to rally are invited to join the group at Niko's - we will begin arriving about 3 pm and should be on our way by about 5 pm.

Fifth Annual
Secrets of Jo Daviess County Tour
June 18-20, 2010

from Dan Herman --
In a couple weeks we‘ll be embarking on the Fifth Annual Secrets of Jo Daviess County (and beyond) Tour. We tried once again to design a pleasant driving route over undivided (without painted lines) country roads throughout this backcountry county in upstate Illinois, around Galena, and well into the rolling hills of dairyland Wisconsin. A nice turnout of both veterans and newbies has already signed up. If you like to drive your Little British Car on remote, scenic, winding roads, this is the tour for you!
The emphasis this year leans more towards driving, rather than lengthy stops at all the scenic sites we will be visiting. We plan to log about 350 miles of fabulous scenic backcountry driving in the two days of the weekend. Yes, a lot of traditional British driving! — But we will also take in a wind farm, a brewery, a cheese store (or two) and a winery.

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(Continued from page 4)   Meeting Minutes
Dave Bralich asked that club members jot down their driving season mileage and car type and sent to him for a fun statistic project. Awards of some kind will be devised based on the end results.

50/50 Raffle –Leigh Clark went home $15 richer after winning tonight’s raffle. Additional posters and MG pictures went to winners Bob Evans, Bill Mennell, Barney Gaylord and Jim Renkar.

Meeting adjourned at 9:22 pm
Respectfully submitted, Victor L’Heureux, CMGC Secretary
-- Victor L’Heureux


(Continued from page 4)   Directions
the Land's End Trial and then, the very next weekend, the Secrets of Jo Daviess County Tour (coming up the weekend of June 18-20). When you think that you'll be able to contribute a few words in a short report to the next Driveline about these two events, give me a call, please. (Editor‘s Note: Coordinate with Reinout, but it eventually comes to me, so you could give me a call, too, or cc me on emails. -- John Kearns)

“The more you drive, the more you smile”

-- Reinout Vogt

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