Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline June 2016
Feature Event

Spring Tune-up Party
May 7, 2016

The day couldn’t have been any better. The sky was clear, the sun was shining and there was no wind to speak of – a perfect day to get your car on the road – even if only to travel to Don’s Auto Ade (Goodyear) in Warrenville to spring tune-up your car. 26 cars did just that and filled all five bays for the full four hours were there at the event.

The first car on the lift was used as an example of what trouble spots to look for and was treated to a complete thorough inspection of the undercarriage and operating components. Everything was looked at – fluid reservoirs, gaskets, bushings & bearing check, tire treads, frame structure, exhaust systems, etc. Arm with this knowledge, each member in turn got their car on the lift and performed this visual inspection along with their general maintenance.

Repairs ranged from a rear brake job to diagnosing a stubborn starting problem. Most vehicles only needed an oil/filter change and lube job along with a visual under-body inspection before moving on.

During the event, Sam Newman and Craig Walter were awarded an appreciation plaque for the many years of allowing our club to utilize their lifts to perform our Spring Tune-up event. Craig said he now has something to hang on his showroom walls among the tire ads.

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