Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline July 2013

  Monthly Meeting Minutes
Third Monday, June 17, 2013

David Novak

Attendance: 28 members

Nine members were wearing Hawaiian style shirts! Well done! And I didn’t think anybody read my emails! Who knew?

George Phariss banged the gavel at 7:11 to start the meeting.

We discussed projects:
Dave Bralich replaced a dead alternator that Jim Evans gave him. Jim had a number of alternators in his stash, and installed 3 or 4 in his own car, to find a working one for Dave! Now that’s the MG spirit!
George mentioned that he replaced the front bushings in his car, with polyurethane ones, and is happy to report better handling and no more clanging over railroad tracks.
Oscar Gonzales was happy to report the purchase of a new Mini for an upcoming road trip.

George then introduced Yves Boode to those who didn’t already know him, and then Yves gave a very interesting talk about his experience with the epic Mille Miglia race in Italy. The presentation was about 35-40 minutes, with a backdrop of the photo’s Yves has taken. Both the presentation and the photos, as well as stories about the race and the racers, were excellent. Sounds like something to see.

There was a short break to refresh.

Next meeting’s presenter will be Dave Bralich, bringing us in-car video of MG racing! Sounds like a good time.

Next up was the staff reports:
    Finance: Yep, we’ve still got money
    Library: Yep, we’ve still got books
    Regalia: Nothing new.
    Website: Still working fine.
    Driveline: Working on next issue
    Facebook: Need 1 more “fan” to reach 350!

Lands End Rally Report:
Everybody appreciated the fine job that Russ & Amy Mehaffey did in organizing the event. Everybody remarked at how well organized and how much fun it was.

Garage Tour Report:
Roger Goebbert said it was nice, while Dino remarked that it was fun. Everybody who made it to the end really enjoyed Lisa’s cooking, which sounded tasty!

Upcoming Driving Events
6/22—Drive In Movie coming up at the Cascade Drive-In. $9 person, and is CASH ONLY. Movie opens at 7. It’s a gravel lot. 7-10 at the meeting said they were planning on attending.


6/25-27—Jo Davies Tour — Hotels are sold out! It looks like the best attended tour to date!  It sure sounds like fun!

7/13 — 2nd Garage Tour. It’s highly recommended, since a couple of the garages on the tour are museum’s in the own right, and never open to the public!

7/18-21 — Road America camping trip for the vintage races. Camping is at Plymouth Rock campground. Ask for the Snyder Group when making reservations.

7/28 — Lake Shore Tour. Starts at Northerly Island (Formerly Meigs Field) and ends in lake Bluff. Should be a great tour along the lake!

The 50/50 raffle was held, and Dino Perez won $16!

George banged the gavel again to bring the meeting to a close at 9:37.

Yours respectfully,
David Novak
CMGC Secretary

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