Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline July 2013

George Phariss The Steering
Left Hand Drive

I want to thank Yves Boode for coming to the June meeting and talking to us about his experiences with the Mille Miglia. Thanks for sharing your many pictures of the beautiful cars that participate in this great race. It would be a tremendous experience to go and see the actual event that is held each year in Italy, let alone be able to participate in the actual event!! Our hats off to you, and again, Yves, THANKS for sharing.

We are staying with our racing theme at the July meeting. At this meeting we will be hearing from our own Dave “Cowboy” Bralich who will share with us some of his MG racing experiences. He also promises to bring some video from some of the events. I personally can't wait to hear and see this presentation. I know that it is something that you will also want to see. On a side note, there seemed to be more wives at our June club meeting to hear Yves speak about the Mille Miglia, than I can remember seeing at previous club meetings. We should keep this going as we are in the midst of the driving season and there are lots of opportunities to share and discuss the good times together while at these meetings.

My B is handling much nicer since Jim Evans installed new front suspension polyurethane suspension bushings. The B is much smoother over bumps as well as the steering seems to be much tighter as the car is settling in from a bump. It took a bunch of tools to do the job, which Jim had on hand, as well as lots of experience in knowing what needed to be done and how to do it. I had replaced the outer bushings previously, but as usual it was only half the job and did not give the improvement that I was hoping for. Thanks Jim! The Lands End rally was the real test and the car handled very nicely.

Russ & Amy Mehaffey did a great job of planning and it showed, as the Lands End drive was lots of fun. My Grandson, David Kennedy, was my navigator and he had a grand time. I hope to get him out on more events in the future. The questions and clues were very clever and our hats off to the winners. The start line was a bit tricky, but who would ever expect to see a charity event block off an entire mall on a Sunday morning. It was for a worthy cause and I don't think that it delayed us any, in fact we had many of the charity event participants taking pictures of our cars. Thanks Russ and Amy for a great event and fun time.

July has lots of activities happening and it will be interesting hearing about these events at our next meeting as well as hearing from Dave on his racing experiences.

Remember—Safety Fast!

-- George Phariss      

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