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E=MC2 is generally referred to as Einsteinís special theory of relativity, or the energy-mass equivalent equation. Something to do with the speed of light. Also that time accelerates in higher fields of gravity. As Einstein said, ďWhen you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. Thatís relativity.Ē Itís the gravity of the situation. So I guess that a light-colored heavy MG will accelerate faster than a dark-colored lighter one. But nowhere approaching the speed of light squared in either case.

In August John Twist is hosting his famous MG summer party in Grand Rapids in Lower Michigan. Itís always a great time and I urge you to attend. However that same weekend Debís niece is getting married in Michiganís U.P. The laws of physics will not allow me to be at both, and of course I never break the law. So itís either time with MG friends or time with relatives. Luckily a trip to the U.P. would also include some fishing and a stop in Green Bay to tour Lambeau Field. That helps even out the equation. And missing the wedding would cause another Big Bang when Deb bounces that fry pan off my head at the speed of light. Thatís the gravity of the situation and Wilburís special theory of relativity.

The 200 MPH Steamroller The 200 MPH Steamroller
Book One: Red Reign
B.S. Levy, 2010, 428 pages, hard bound

The first book in a new series of novels by Burt Levy, author of The Last Open Road series and perennial ride mooch. The setting is spring 1962. Fairway Motors (Ford) is on a mission to gain international racing fame. They hire Henry Lyons, an American journalist working for Car and Track Magazine (Road and Track?), on the QT to give them insights into the European race teams, particularly Ferrari.

If youíve read any of his other books, you know that Mr. Levy can take the long way around the barn in telling his story, but as in his other books the story is more of a vehicle for conveying the color, ambience and feel of times past. In fact, the story lines (Lyonsí love life, the birth of the Mustang, Cobra, and GT40) are still open at the end of this book and ready to proceed in the next book, which is due out shortly, if it isnít already. Iím waiting for the next installment in this series.

-- ~~ Bill Mennell

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