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One Tank Tour
"On Black Hawk's Trail"

July 11 recap

I have had my MGB almost two years now and this driving season I had enough confidence in the car to join in some of the club driving events . The July 11th One Tank Tour was my third time out. The first two, The Spring Chicken Tour and Lands End Rally, were so well run and fun, that I decided to give the longer One Tank Tour a go.
We started in the Forest Preserve near the intersection of Army Trail Road and Gerber Road in Bartlett. It was a clear pleasant morning. I was the first to arrive so I nervously checked that I had everything, and that I was in the right place. To my relief other cars soon started showing up. Jim and Lois Evans arrived and started the drivers meeting. Jim explained that the concept of the Tour was that we were going to travel roads and visit locations that played a part in the Black Hawk Indian War. Jim was in his most inventive mode and handed out weaponry to defend ourselves (a squirt gun - fully loaded) , transportation (a miniature horse - which we, as dutiful soldiers, attached to our antennas and something that looked like a canoe). Jim gave us historical information about the war, our initial marching orders, and directions to the first watering hole.
We then mounted or trusty steeds and took off traveling west on Army Trail Road. Rumor has it the road got its name because the U.S. Army used it to engage Black Hawk. We were also given pictures of places or things to locate along the ride. Since I was riding solo I had enough to do keeping the horses pointed in the right direction.
Eighteen turns later, we arrived in Stillman's Valley where Isaiah Stillman lost a battle with Black Hawk. We stopped to give the horses and our own backsides a rest while taking in the battle monument and grave sites. We then got our next orders and remounted.
We arrived in Polo and proceeded to put on the feed-bag. After chow a short ride took us to the monument near Buffalo Creek. New orders were given to proceed to the area near Kellogg's Grove. Near our destination we made a quick stop to refuel our horses if necessary. Then on to the next monument for pictures - tintypes of course! The views of the valley were great and would have been better without the rain. Our final orders were handed out to proceed to the fort and museum near Elizabeth.
At the museum, we were told the story of how the miners and settlers quickly built and successfully defended the fort against the larger Black Hawk force. Oh yeah, and the women played a big part in the battle -- one of them was named Elizabeth; hence the town name. The replica fort was made as close as possible to the original. It was interesting to hear descriptions of daily life. Some retired to the nearby Welcome Inn for dinner. I chose instead to head home.
Summary: It was a great ride! Jim and the others who put this together did really great job! It was inventive, informative, scenic, spirited, and a fun drive. My thanks to all who obviously put a lot effort into making it so. Tour mileage: 176 My door-to-door was 251.
— Scott Boyer (77 green MGB)

NAMGBR MG 2010 Track Day
Shannonville Motorsport Park
Belleville, Ontario

CMGC MEMBER Steve Gorr Brings Home the Gold!
June 25 recap
North American MGB Register
19th Annual Convention ?MG 2010
June 23 – 27, 2010
Hosted by the MG Car Club of Toronto

Shannonville Motorsport Park was the site of the MG2010 track event. Thirty-three cars ran the 4.03 km long, 14 turn track. Local racers volunteered as our instructors. The schedule called for the instructors to drive three laps to show us the line. Then we pit and change places, and we drive while the instructors point out braking and turn in points. At any one time, there were only 4-5 cars on the track. It was not a race, and passing was limited to the front and back straights only, when the driver being passed gives “the wave”. What with a wide range of Safety Fast power -- from tired stock, to modified, to V8?s, and even one with a Corvette LT3, some passing was inevitable.
Afternoon was our solo time. Four laps: one warm up “hot” lap, then the clock starts and laps 2 and 3 are timed. A checkered flag indicates 4th “cool down” lap.
After my run, I queued up in the John Twist line for advice on a valve train click I have been unable to eliminate by adjusting the valves. Shortly one of the organizers came around to say I would have to do it again. Apparently the timers were not in place when we were released onto the track. Aw shucks, I had to run some more laps (big grin). My second run is where I caught up to another B that, I learned afterwards, was having clutch issues. That driver didn?t notice me and I had to hold off until the back straight. This caused my times to be slower than I would have liked. Still it was great fun to throw the B to turns without worrying about traffic.
My biggest surprise came at the awards banquet when they announced my name as first place with a lap delta of 0.13. Second place delta was 0.15 and third place 0.24. What a shock! Besides bringing home the gold for CMGC, they awarded the Track Day banner! What a great garage door decoration, as it measures about 3 ft by 15 ft. I hope to display it at the British Car Festival this September.
— Steve Gorr (78 red B)
(Oh bring it to the Club Meeting, Steve! And Congratulations! –Editor)

Francen & Son
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