Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline August 2013

  Monthly Meeting Minutes
Third Monday, July 15, 2013

David Novak

Attendance: 27 members
A few of which were wearing their favorite hat.

At 7:59 pm the gavel to order was banged by President George Phariss.
Returning member Chris McGrath, and his MGC, was welcomed back to the club!
David Novak installed a new alternator, an 110A model from a Saturn.
Dino Perez had to replace the battery on the MG limo, due to a dead one (broken internal battery terminal).
Dan Herman showed off his homemade radiator washer. A clever device for cleaning accumulated bugs and dirt from between the cooling fins without blowing a hole in it.
There was a question about where to purchase test strips for measuring the quality of coolant. The general conclusion was that these are only really used by big-rig trucks, and if in doubt, change the coolant. But anybody knows where to buy such strips, let me know and I’ll put it in the next meeting minutes...
Our fearless leader, George Phariss, successfully replaced his water-pump, and is happy to report its leak-free!

Staff Reports:
From the Finance Ministry: Things are OK. Ralph is bringing the club into the digital age, by spending his retirement entering the entire club’s financial data into QuickBooks. But it’s no small task.
From the Librarian: Always taking requests. In fact, a request at the meeting was made for a book on MGB front suspension. Barney mentioned that there are a number of front suspension articles on the club’s website.
The Regalia master says that the new club badges should arrive next week!
From the Webmaster: Website still works.
Driveline Editor says it’s going OK (despite the Secretary being chronically late with his meeting minutes).
Facebook wizard Kim Tonry says there are about 355 people following the club on Facebook. Kim was happy to note that BCU’s Facebook page only has ~349 followers.


Driving Reports:
Victor L’Heureux recounted the very successful Drive-In night. There were about 21 club cars in attendance! And they occupied an entire row! It was so successful that the Drive-In is sure to be repeated in future years.
Dan Herman shared the story of the Jo Daviess tour. There were 22 cars on the tour, with no breakdowns! Overall, it was another very successful tour! Next year will likely be mid-week again, because of the great turnout.
Reinout Vogt said that the garage tour was a success with 11-12 cars driving. All the garages were fantastic, and make my garage look pretty shabby by comparison! To be fair, my garage IS pretty shabby on the best of days.

  Tech Sessions:
Currently a drive-train swap is happening on a club-member car at Steve Skegg’s garage. Check the website if you’re interested in attending.

Upcoming driving events:
Camping at Road America and Lakeshore Tour. Autocross with the Miata club. Tally Ho Rally with the Vintage Club. Natter-N-Noggin at Roundheads on August 13th. The Grand Lake Tour and the UML Summer Party. NAMBGAR in Indiana. BCF is looking for 4 people to work for 4 hours during the Sept 8th show. Sunday the 28th, the Shriners car show is happening. If you show your car, you’ll have very little competition in the Import category!
Doug told the group about the MGC gathering in Indianapolis. Sounds like it was a good time! Next meeting Victor has arranged for a local rep from Hagerty Insurance to give a talk and Q&A. There was a short break, after which Dave Bralich and his friends discussed vintage racing in their MG’s, with plenty of pictures, video’s, and broken parts. There was even a crankshaft that was broken in half! You don’t see that every day!

The 50/50 raffle was held, and Scott Forman was the winner of $17! Congrats!

The meeting was closed with a bang of the gavel at 9:42 p.m.

Yours respectfully,
David Novak. CMGC Secretary

Welcome New Members!

The officers and members of the Chicagoland MG Club extend a cordial “MG Welcome” to the new member who has joined our club in recent months. We wish you “Safety Fast” and hope you will avail yourself of as many club activities as you can.

Keith Berquist Gurnee IL 1961 red MGA 1600
Chad Fitzloff Evanston IL  
Marty Cunningham Hoffman Estates 1970 red MGB
Jim Hickey Western Springs IL 1979 green MGB & 1980 parts car
Kimberly McGraw Woodridge IL 1978 Brookland green MGB

Note: To any member whose name does not appear above, your application may have missed our deadline.
If you don’t see your name next month, call our Membership Chair, Dave Novak at (847) 962-2961 to verify

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