Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline August 2013
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4th of July Parade and Picnic
July 4, 2013

It was early in the morning when we left the house for the parade. We were up at 5:00 am and greeted with a warm foggy morning. After a quick breakfast and removing the wet car cover, my 67 MGB started without any hesitation. I guess it too was ready to be in a parade. We arrived in Riverside, IL about 7:45 am in time for a tasty doughnut and excellent coffee (I had two cups!). In a short while a number of cars and club members arrived and soon Rey Navarro was ushering us out to assemble at the parade route. It was getting warmer – it was going to be a hot day. I didn’t really get a good count but it looked like we had about 20 cars – including a Triumph GT6 and Rey’s 1957 silver/cream Austin-Healey 100-6. There were many T-series cars represented both TC’s and TD’s. Quite impressive!

The parade was a short 20 minute run through historic Riverside ending at the downtown Metra station and City Park. Many of the cars were throwing out candy to the large crowds that assembled along the parade route. At the finish line the cars were lined up in a shaded parking area for the car show. Model T’s, antique Corvette’s

and a few other vintage cars were displayed along with the expansive showing of MGs. In the park there were pony rides and a number of vendors selling food and displaying products. Quite a crowd gathered around the cars and marveled at the condition of the vintage cars on display.

The car show ended at noon and soon the cars were headed to Carlos Navarro's home for a picnic. Cars parked along the tree-lined street of historical homes and manicured lawns. We feasted on fajitas, sausages, baked and refried beans, various salads, and a plethora of desserts. A volleyball game soon was underway. ‘Car talk’ was heard in the small groups of members while enjoying the warm afternoon shade and a cold beer. We had to say our goodbyes around 3 pm after a wonderful event hosted by Rey Navarro. Thanks Rey!

~~Victor L’Heureux

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