Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline August 2014

    Monthly Meeting Minutes
July 21, 2014

David Novak

At 8:02 pm, President George Phariss gave the gavel a jaunty bang to bring the rowdy bunch to order.

Peter Hays and family, joined the meeting for the first time in a while, and told the harrowing story of driving a Morris Traveler back from the east coast without a breakdown! George talked to Dan Herman the other day, and enjoyed hearing from the club. Oscar Gonzales is out of the hospital and making a great recovery from surgery.

Car projects:
Dino Perez was driving the Blue B to work, and after a screeching noise, took off the front wheel and realized that one of the front disc brake was causing a problem. It turns out that the disc physically separated from the "hat" that the wheel studs go through! That's ONE casting that fractured! Also, he found a front bearing that seized at the same time! Dino also brought electrical tape that his boss donated, so tape for everybody!
Doug Clark was asking about a radiator shroud that Clark and Clark makes and was wondering if anybody had any good/bad thoughts about it. Dave Bralich, said that they are very helpful in cooling.

Past Events:
Garage tour: Philip Wydra organized a brilliant tour to shops where professionals restore all kinds of cars. It was different from previous garage tours, but different in a good way! Big thanks for Phil for organizing such a great tour! There was one breakdown on the way back, a throttle cable broke at the restaurant, but a quick trip to a motorcycle shop and they were back in business. And despite a 40% chance of rain, there was a great turn out! Landsí End Rally: It was noted, again, that Russ Mehaffey can't read an odometer. Otherwise it was fine rally. Really. It was. Thanks Russ. There was a good turnout as well.
French Lick and NAMBGR: Good time, and great driving roads in the area. We had 3 club members who took home awards! If you went to French Lick, and didn't get a Dash Plaque, please contact Reinout to receive your plaque. Next NAMGBR is in Niagara Falls, on the Canadian side, in June. Make your reservations now!
Garage Sale: Jim Evans reported that turnout was on the poor side. So we sold $63 worth of stuff, and 2 trips to the scrap yard netted $33 in scrap metal.
Gymkahna: No report.
JoDavies Tour: 8 cars on the tour, following Dan's former route, more or less. No major mechanical issues, and the weather was great. A couple of folks from the Vintage club came, in the daily drivers. Hopefully a few more cars will attend next year.
Riverside 4th of July Parade, and cook-off: 15-20 cars joined the parade and the cook-out afterwards.

Staff Reports:
Finance: Checking ~$10,600, savings, ~$9,800. Still have 2 payments to make for Driveline ~$1,100. And still need to


distribute some money for events. Doing OK on the money. Christmas Party is at a new location, the Wheatstack. The cost will be in the upper to mid $30's per person. The Vintage club is going to kick in for some of the door prizes.
Membership: Steady. ~3 new members in the last 2 months.
Library: Doug Clark and Roger Goebbert have donated a few books today. Librarian noted that the Minister of Finance has taken a lot of "nice" vacations since he came to office.
Regalia: At club events, we are making an effort to sell regalia at driving events. We are out of club hats. You can still get them from Fieldhouse via our website. Name badges order is going out tonight, so get your order in.
Webmaster: Still touring, and keeping the website humming. He has passed 10,000 miles in the last 11 weeks! He's touring the north east corner of the US. More information is in Driveline!
Driveline: Need anything in the Classified, get info to Victor by the end of the week!
Facebook: Kim has been keeping watch over the Facebook site.
Tech Coordinator: Steve Skegg has been keeping the garage humming, seeing everything from MG's, to Triumphs, to SAAB's!

New Business
Darryl Mayo
is looking for help at the upcoming British Car Union show. He's looking for folks who will act as Marshals, specifically between 10am and 2pm. Please contact Darryl if you can help.
A short interlude occurred to refresh drinks and sell raffle tickets.

The 50/50 raffle jackpot was $25, but Marty Ciesielczyk rolled over his $10 jackpot from last month, so the grand total up for grabs was $35! The lucky winner was: Bill Kalafut! Who decided to roll it over until NEXT month! So next month's 50/50 will start at $35!

Upcoming Events!
Lakes Tour (Formerly Lakeshore Tour)
to go by 6 or 7 lakes, with a lot of open road, finishing at a restaurant on the lake, with a spot on the deck. Should be a great tour!

Drive-In movie night: Saturday August 9th! Meeting at the hot-dog stand next door. But eat your hot-dogs before the show, the drive-in won't allow you to bring in their food, other food is fine... Seems there's a tiff between the two business owners.

University Motors Summer Party is coming up. We need to get our awning there so we have a presence there.

Tally Ho Rally Sunday, August 24th. It's being put on by the Vintage Club, and all MG's are welcome! A number of our members have taken part of it in the past, and say it's a great rally!

Westmont Cruise-in night/street fest: on Cass Ave. Thursday the 28th of August will feature the Chicagoland MG Club! Bill Kalafut is organizing dinner at a nice restaurant in Westmont. And there will be a club-first Walking Rally.
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