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The previous column in the August Driveline and Vintage Viewpoint contained two wishes for the driving events. And to a large extent, both of them came out. First, I wished that we see more MGAs, Midgets and T-Types at the events. Well, at Ray’s Morris and MG Gathering there were 11 MGs plus 3 Morris’ and a couple of OMs (Other Makes). The 11 MGs were made-up of 6 T-Types, 1 MGB, 1 RV8, 2 MGAs and 1 M-type. The Tally Ho Rally had 17 MGs plus 5 OMs. The MG group consisted of 10 MGBs, 6 T-Types, and 1 MGA Coupe. And at the Westmont Crusin’ Night, there were 10 MGBs, 1 RV8, 2 T-Types, 2 Midgets, and 1 MGC. No question, more different MGs at the driving events: more T-Types, more Midgets, more MGAs, and a C! The other wish, a little extra inter-club competition in the Tally Ho Rally, also came out. Last year T-Types ruled the standings, but in this year’s edition, an MGB placed 1st, a TD was 2nd and an MGA and TD tied for 3rd. It can hardly get any better!

After 17 events the standings haven’t changed all that much. For the Moss Motors Trophy, Rich Meservey and Sundy Mead are in first with 29.5 points. Jim Compton and Bob Dorley are in second with 24 points, Ric and Nancy Maitzen are third with 16 points and Bob Lee is tied for fourth with Steve and Beth Gorr with 15 points. There are 7 more teams, mostly Bs, with 11 through 14 points so it is very likely that things will change in September and October. The Victoria British Trophy interim standings are also similar to last month. Jim Compton in first with 20 points. Rich and Sundy in second with 16 points and James Brennan and Jane Kasper third with 12 points. With two more rallies and one autocross, I expect serious competition, just the way that Cecil Kimber had in mind; Safety Fast.


September is always a relaxed month. The British Car Day and the Wine Cheese, and Beer Tour with new tour masters this year. I hope that we can help Russ and Amy Mehaffey and Ralph and Sue Arata with a high turn-out. More MGs is better and more MGs is what every tour master is hoping for.

October has an important change. The Halloween Rally is rescheduled to the week after Halloween because I have some business travel in October. And that, in turn, pushes out the Fall Tune Down by a week also. If everything worked out as intended, you should see these changes in the upcoming events and calendars already. The Lucas Rally is Rich and Sundy’s first event as rally masters. Given their results in the 2014, and again in this year’s, championships, they know a thing or two about rallies. I hope that they’ll get a lot of cars and in particular a large variety of MGs. Maybe a saloon, such as a ZA or ZB. They’re out there!

The Halloween Rally will have a few changes also, but we’ll talk about that next month. For now, all you have to do is update your calendar(s) at home. The new date for the Halloween Rally is Sunday, November 1st.

As always, I welcome your comments, suggestions, ideas, remarks, and concerns. You can reach me at 847.342.9804 and

"The more you drive, the more you smile".

-- Reinout Vogt

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