Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline October 2011

Bill Reece The Steering
Left Hand Drive

Well, I finally have all of my kids back to college. My daughter and son just started classes again at the University of Chicago this past Monday. I have to say that it is rather sad to have the house quiet again. The only good part is now that Johnny is gone I get my MG Midget back. Since I have moved I will be storing the MG up at Lake Geneva this winter. So I had the car out in the driveway this past weekend. I decided to do a quick oil change on it. Johnny had enjoyed it as his daily driver all summer long. Needless to say it looked and smelled like a boy’s locker room!

I grabbed the shop vac for a quick cleaning and you know how one project leads into another…carpet cleaner was used, the dashboard and all the glass was done, the boot was filled with Frisbee golf discs and shoes, and one speaker grill had popped off. Considering what his room normally looks like, the car was not in too bad of shape!!!

While I was finishing up, several people in the neighborhood stopped over to look at the car. Before I knew it I had eight people in the driveway talking cars and in particular MG’s. I think there were five of them that had owned an MG at one point or another. We kind of had an impromptu “Natter ‘n’ Noggin” right in the driveway. We went through quite a bit of beer and a lot of wild stories. So my little MG has been welcomed with open arms into the new neighborhood.

Happy motoring, enjoy the fall colors while you have your MG out on the road.
-- Bill Reese


Dino Perez The Steering
Right Hand Drive

Well it's been 25 years since the first British Car Festival was held at Danada farms September 13, 1987. I've been playing with these toys a long time and every year I look forward to see everyone - a first time British car owner or that person that comes every year from out of town just to congregate with friends and enjoy the stories about are loved cars.

We had a pretty good driving season without that many mishaps; except for the crazy weather change we are having our British cars have been very tolerable. Looking forward to our club anniversary monthly meeting held at Mack's Golden Pheasant.

I've been unemployed for a while and it's been hard to keep up with my ongoing project. I now have time to work on it but funds are not there - go figure - it’s Murphy’s Law. I’m still hanging in there till this goofed up government fixes the mess we are all in.

Government and politicians give me the creeps. I feel safer in a car at night on a highway with a rod knock out than listening to their broken promises. Thank God for blessing us with British cars. It's the only sanctuary I have left.

Saftey Fast
-- Dino Perez

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