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Oil Change Day
November 17, 2012

As you may not realize, many homeless people in our area have cars. Some loose their home because of temporary unfavorable circumstances but can retain their car, some have a car as their only place to be and store a few possessions, and many need transportation to go to jobs and rely on it to get around on their way back to more secure living circumstances. And of course, the dependency on the vehicles becomes more important in the winter time. Journeys from PADS to HOPE is an Arlington Heights based organization that serves individuals in Northwest suburban Cook County who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

We are working with Journeys to help their clients with an oil change and some winter preparation and I am asking you to donate a few hours of your time on November 17th. If you think like I do, that it is a cool idea to close our recreational driving season by helping others with the start of their most challenging driving season, this will be the day to give that thought some real content. We'll have a sign-up sheet at the next meeting and please give me a call or shoot me an e-mail if you would like to help but can't be at the October Club Meeting. I hope to see many of you for Oil Change Day.

  The tasks are: lining cars up, checking tire pressures and topping of antifreeze and windshield fluid, running errands to get oil filters or other small supplies, and making sure that everything is safe and secure in the premises of our host Dave's Auto Clinic.

  Dave's normally closes at noon on Saturday, but owner Dave promised again to keep his doors open and make his three lifts available to us for servicing the cars of the Journeys clients. Dave's mechanic Juan already promised to help out, as he did last year.

Dave's Auto Clinic
801 N Elmhurst Road (a.k.a. Route 83)
Prospect Heights, IL 60070-1137
847 459 7210
Dave's is located in the North East Corner of Elmhurst Road and Palatine Road, It is only accessible from Elmhurst Road because the intersection is bi-level with the express lanes of Palatine Road on an overpass.

Sign-up and Information?
Reinout Vogt
Cell: 847 909 7564
~~Reinout Vogt    

Winner of the first auto race in America
Cruise to the Rock
November 22, 2012

To be driving our cars after most everyone else has stopped driving theirs is quite a thrill. The CMGC have a traditional ‘top-down’ cruise to celebrate the first automobile race in America on Thanksgiving Day in 1895.

We meet at 9:00 am at the historical race monument (the rock) at the west side of the Museum of Science and Industry in historic Hyde Park. Expect local cable TV coverage. We will meet for lunch afterward at Stage’s Restaurant – 657 W 31st Street, Chicago, several blocks west of the Dan Ryan expressway.

1895 – The first automobile race in America began, as six cars traveled from Jackson Park in Chicago to Waukegan, Illinois. Frank Dureyea was the winner, traveling at a blazing speed of 7-1/2 miles per hour! It took him 7 hours 53 minutes to make the trek. He won $2,000 for the effort.
~~Jake & Ann Snyder

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