Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline October 2016
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I’d like to personally thank Russ for organizing and timing our arrival for our “private” parade. Everyone in the town of North Lake County showed up and cheered us on as our array of MG cars strutted down their main street. HUGE TURNOUT! Props to you and Amy!!!

As we trotted along more smooth newly paved county roads, we climbed up a grade above the tree lines and continued to curve and make sharp turns. We look like little match box cars winding up hill one by one trailing through massive lines of trees. Drivers had their share of working out due to downshifting in order to get up those country elevated roads.

Lunchtime!! We certainly worked up an appetite and had a delightful lunch hosted and personally prepared by the owner of the Pike Lake House. Lunch was served buffet style displaying delicious varieties of meat and side dishes.

We forged ahead on our joyride and drove alongside of beautiful Big Cedar Lake. We climbed uphill again and twisted and turned while being surrounded by breathtaking trails and trees. This was true natures’ calling and what Wisconsin and the Midwest is known for. We drove on lovely back winding roads and passed more forest preserves and a number of trials like Nordic Trails, Paradise Nature Trails and Ice Age National Scenic Trails. Driving towards our next destination, we drove through Ottawa Lake, Wakasha County and the quaint town of Delafield, were the towns people gawked in awe as we again paraded through the main street of their sheltered peaceful town.

We retired back to LaQuinta and rested up a bit before heading out for dinner in the cute town of Sheboygan. We had dinner in town at a “pig-olicious” restaurant called The Black Pig. Rustic with a modern vintage atmosphere, offering incredibly appetizing entrees, we indulged and had a fabulous dining experience.
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