Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline October 2016
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Halloween Rally
Sunday, October 30th

The 2016 Halloween Rally will start from the Dunkin’ Donuts location in the Poplar Prairie Stone Crossing shopping center in Hoffman Estates. It used to be the Caribou Coffee from where we started the Halloween Rallies a few years ago. The Poplar Prairie Stone Crossing shopping center in Hoffman Estates is located on the former Poplar Creek music theater on the West side of Route 59 between the North bound exit of I-90 and Algonquin Road. It is difficult to see from Sutton Road (Rt 59) because it is right behind the Clam Jumper Restaurant, but you should enter the shopping center from the first traffic light after the exit, which is clearly marked by the Target logo.

We’re getting together between 10:00 and 10:30 am and plan for a drivers meeting at 10:45 am and a 11:00 am start. The finish will be at Emmett’s Brewing Co. in West Dundee from where it is easy to get back on I-90 and the major highways to return home.

Similar to previous versions, the Halloween Rally will replicate the format of the famous European rallies of the 50’s and 60’s. The Tulip system is used for directions to prevent you from getting lost. In fact, if for one reason or another the instructions are not clear, you can call us at any time during the rally to clarify a situation. We’ll apologize for confusing you and there will be no penalty.

The rally will stop by five forest preserves for the special stages to test your rally and car handling skills. To maintain the competitive spirit on the connecting sections we’ll have a challenge to do in the car. And to discourage speeding, we’ll manage the overall time of the rally with target times for each section based on easy to meet average speeds.

It is the Halloween Rally and the theme is Ghosts of Past British Sports Cars which means that you may encounter an ill-spirited Triumph or Austin Healey. Of course, Halloween costumes are welcome and encouraged but will not be used for rally scoring. Outfits in style with the Ghosts of Past British Sports Cars theme may qualify for a bonus.
Please read the New Directions column in this issue if you’re in doubt about joining us, we really hope that all of you can make it to the Halloween Rally.

For question, feel free to call Phil Wydra at 847 639 5739 or Reinout Vogt at 847 342 9804.

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