Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline December 2010

Speedometer Drive - Continued
This procedure will not require opening up the gearbox, but a good amount of disassembly is required. The Remote Control Housing and the Rear Extension will need to be removed. Before starting, new paper gaskets for each of these assemblies will be required, as will a new lock washer for the Propeller Shaft nut.

1) Flatten out the bend in the lock washer for the Propeller (output) Shaft Nut.

2) Using a 1-5/16 socket, remove the Propeller Shaft Nut. Without an impact wrench, a means of preventing rotation of the Propeller Shaft will be required.

3) Use a gear puller to remove the Drive Flange.


4) Remove the six bolts securing the Remote Control Housing and lift it away.

5) Remove the Interlock Arm. Some manipulation of the gear selector may be required. This is usually easier to remove than reinstall!

5a) Interlock Arm.

6) Remove the bolts securing the Rear Extension.

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