Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline December 2010

Speedometer Drive - Continued

7) Lift away the Rear Extension. Some gentle prying may be required.

8) With the Rear Extension removed, slide off the Distance Tube from the Propeller Shaft. Note that the Speedometer Drive Gear is coming along for the ride. Normally, it would need to be removed separately, but it has partially slid off its metal insert, fusing itself to the distance tube.

9) Note the approximate 50% separation of the Speedometer Drive Gear from its metal insert. This simply needs to be pressed back together.


10) Once the Drive Gear is pressed back together, it can be slid back down the Propeller Shaft, follwed by the Distance Tube. Be sure to replace any shims exactly as you found them. Note the various gear selectors that are visible while the Rear Extension is off.

11) After replacing the paper gasket, the Rear Extension can be refitted.

12) Torque the Rear Extension bolts, noting the location of any brackets. Also note the proper location of the Speedometer Drive Gear.

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