Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline December 2012

Monthly Column of Driving Events

The 2012 Driving Season is now officially over. The Thanksgiving day ‘Cruise to the Rock’ was the last event of the year 2012. A time to reflect a little bit on the past season lies now ahead of us. But I have already heard from a few of the Rally/Tour Masters about their 2013 plans. However, I would also like to hear from you. In particular, I would like to hear what you think we could do differently or better next year. Every idea is welcome because it is your club and we should be doing what all of you like best. I have a few ideas myself but feedback from you would be very helpful.

I have two things in mind for 2013. The first is to add a few social events to the calendar. We could drive our MG's to an outdoor concert, Ravinia or a park district music event. Or we could go and see a movie in an old fashioned Drive-In theater. What about a Saturday night at the races, demolition derby or a drag strip. If you like these ideas, great. If you want to take the lead and come with a more solid plan, even better.


  My second thing is to integrate our calendar better with the events of the Vintage MG Car Club of Chicago. I know that we always say the we're invited to their events and that they are welcome at ours. But why should we even speak about them and us? We love the same cars, we're both small organizations, and everybody likes it when we have more MG's at our events. Why not try to make it one Driving Events Calendar. The Chicago MG Clubs 2013 Driving Series, how does that sound?

  Well, something to think about in the next month or two because I would like to finalize the calendar in February of next year. I welcome you to give me call at 847 342 9804 or e-mail me at with your thoughts for 2013. And for now, I wish you Very Happy Holidays, and the best MG Motoring in 2013.

"The more you drive, the more you smile".

-- Reinout Vogt

CMGC Regalia

There is still time to order from out on line web store ( )and get your item before the holidays, but just barely, so if you hustle, you can get it done.

CMGC Grille Badge, new in 2006 Another heads up: we are down to our last 8 club car badges. If you have been waiting to buy one, they are almost all gone. Also we made a reorder of the club license plate frames and there are less than 10 left from the reorder. So, that is another item that if you want one you need to act fast.

~~ George Phariss    

Membership Dues are now being accepted for the 2013 membership year.

Membership dues are due January 1st. Check the top of your mailing label for the year date—if it doesn’t say ‘2013’, you haven’t paid yet. Early payments save the CMGC staff a lot of work and worries, and saves the club some printing and postage costs. You can pay the $25 dues at anytime by mail to the club PO box, or at any meeting.

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