Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline December 2012
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Now that the presidential election is over, and we have our club election underway, letís vote on some-thing thatís also of importance, the holiday dinner.

Martinis gin or vodka
Turkey white or dark
Spuds mashed or baked or sweet
Cranberries jelly or sauce
Apple pie ala mode or cheddar cheese
Sandwiches mayo or miracle whip

Email your answers to me and Iíll report back next month. In the mean time, let Deb and I wish all a happy holiday and a healthy new year.

The Hemi in the Barn
Tom Cotter, 2007, 253 pages, hard bound, color photos

The second in a series of books about 'barn finds,' including an MGTC and a Group 44 GT6. Jay Leno wrote the foreword, and two of his cars are featured. Cotter's first book in the series, The Cobra in the Barn, is already in our library.

Flat Out, Flat Broke
Perry McCarthy, 2002, 248 pages, paperback

Written by Top Gear's black suited Stig number one, Perry McCarthy writes about his attempts to get out of the family's North Sea oil rig business and into Formula One without major financial back-ing. A sometimes humorous look into the busine$$ of professional racing and TV. Foreword by Damon Hill.

The Man in the White Suit
Ben Collins, 2010, 323 pages, paperbackk

Top Gear's white suited Stig number two recounts his life in the military, the 'death' of Stig One, the 'outing' of Michael Schumacher as Stig, and stories of other celebrities appearing on Top Gear.
"The man in the White Suit gets his kit off and reveals how he came to be THE STIG and so much more - including what it's like to thrash an Aston Martin DBS, train for the army and face the ter-ror of Jeremy Clarkson's underwear..."


~~Bill Mennell
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