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Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline
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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
The Steering Column from (one of) your co-chairmen

William 'Wilbur' Mennell I hope that everyone had a joyous holiday season and I wish you all a happy and healthy new year. Each year on Christmas morning I go out into the driveway looking to see if Santa has left me a new Jaguar. The past couple of years Iíve really been looking forward to an XKR, but a plain old XK8 would suffice. Iím not even that fussy about the color. And each Christmas morning, itís not there. This year was no exception. Needless to say, the old pickíem up truck will have to serve for yet another year. However Santa did leave a new LBC for Deb. A brand new Cooper S, set up just the way I (I mean she) wanted. Of course Saint Nick did leave something for me also. Thatís right, the payment book. I guess he really does know whoís been naughty or nice.

Now that the holiday season is over and we are in the darkest, coldest part of winter, you may be feeling the need for some spirited driving. How about something on a slightly smaller scale than the usual parking lot gymkhana? Namely 1/32nd scale. On Sunday January 11, the Chicagoland MG club will have the use of the slot car track at Oakridge Hobbies in Downers Grove. You wonít be using your heavy right foot or exercising your clutch leg, but your thumb or trigger finger should get quite a workout.

Maybe you are looking for something thatís more relaxing? Weíve got you covered there also. The 8th annual Amtrak road trip is the following weekend. This year we are returning to the auto show in Detroit. Itís a great show, but the train trip itself is the high point for me. After a light snack at the Chicago station, we depart on a 250-mile rolling picnic to Dearborn. BYOB or buy it on the train. We are scheduled to arrive at the hotel just in time to close down their kitchen. This is one weekend where you are seldom more that ten feet away from food or drink. Plus you get a chance to see whatís new and exciting in the automotive world. And traveling by Amtrak is always an adventure. The trains are almost as reliable as our 30 plus year-old MGs, but at least if something happens you are not expected to get out and push. Or make repairs. An MG weekend without anyone having to turn a wrench. No tow trucks or parts to scrounge. What a novel idea. Sit back and relax. Itís just the ticket for after the hectic holidays.

Donít forget that the dues are now due. And that after the December break, we are back to our regularly scheduled meetings on the third Monday at Mackís. See you there.


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