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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline

UML 30th Birthday Party
Ada, Michigan - January 22, 2005

UML 30th birthday cake It was the University Motors Ltd 30th anniversary in Ada, Michigan. Such wonderful cruising weather for a 448 mile round trip treck from Naperville Illinois. It was billed as the worst storm of the winter, so lots of people were staying home. Party attendance was maybe 50 or 60, very much below the 200+ people expected, but it was jolly good fun anyway. See cover photo.

For some unfathomable reason this was the only MG driven to the gig, as well as traveling the longest distance. I only got stuck once for about two minutes while turning around in an unplowed median crossover two blocks from the destination. I was able to gently rock it free and drive out, no harm done. I had to stop a few times during the trip home to clean the slush off the headlights, but otherwise not a bad trip, 3 hr 40 min including a 10 minute fuel stop each way. We ain’t afraid of no lake effect. Heck, it’s only snow.

I meet some new friends, renewed some old aquaintances, got to browse through two photo books for newly restored MGAs, ate a lot of chilly and helped reduce the weight of the beer keg. There were several restoration projects on display, including an MG VA being reassembled, a factory MGB GT V8 with fresh paint waiting for the return of the engine, and a stunning green RB MGB with matching green (painted) supercharger. My first visit to “new” facility was a hoot.

Barney Gaylord

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