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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
checkered flag The Driver's Corner
Driving Event Rules Re-Visited

David Lieb It is the beginning of a new driving season. I donít want to make any sweeping changes, but I am tweaking a few details in the season points scoring to try to encourage more participation.

Same car no longer required. In the past the rules stated that the points were earned by the car as well as the driver. This year we are only requiring that the car be an MG. Non-MGs can participate, but they will not accrue season points.

Tour Points. Since the Spring and Fall tours have been so popular, we will also be awarding two points to everyone who participates in a tour whether as driver or passenger. Once again, only MGs are eligible to receive points.

Autocross points now equal to Rally points. For the last several years autocross points only counted for half in the season points championship. This meant you could take first place in all of the autocrosses and still not even be in the running for the driving championship. Despite benefiting from this, I did not feel that this was equitable so I am making autocross points equal to rally points. You can only earn season points in one car per meet. If it doesnít work out, then it will be different next year.

Rally Points. Both driver and navigator of MG entries receive season points in a rally. The only differentiation between driver points and navigator points is in elegibility for the navigator trophy. What I am really trying to say here is that you donít have to feel that you are stuck being navigator the whole season in order to have a chance at the VB trophy.

Rallymasters earn more points. Starting this season, the rallymaster(s) hard work will be recognized by awarding them 10 points instead of the 5 points awarded in the past. This is limited to two rallies per season.

Driver and Navigator Trophies. The Moss Motors Driver of the Year Trophy will go to the person with the most season points. The Victoria British Navigator of the Year Trophy will go to the person with the second most season points, but they must have been navigator in at least two rallies to qualify.

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or leave me a message at 847-588-8090

Lets keep those MGs on the road! - David Lieb

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