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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Spring Chicken Rally
May 4, 2003
Wade Keene - Rallymaster

Jim & Lois Evans in blue MGB Happy Spring, everyone, if you havenít already itís time to put the hardtop away and be ready to go topless. As I write this, there have been some topless days already. The first club driving event for points will, as always, be the Spring Chicken Rally. This yearís event will be held on Sunday, May 4th. Weíll meet at 11:00 a.m. with the first cars heading out by noon. The meeting place will be at Campton Hills Forest Preserve, west of St. Charles. Come in at the horse riding area entrance; to get there go south onto Town Hall off of Route 64. The entrance is on the east side of Town Hall Road.

Click for map. Go 5.2 miles west from Randall Road on IL Route 64 (1 mile west of Wasco), then 1/8 mile south on Town Hall Road to entrance on East side.

This yearís rally will be a little different than past rallies Iíve driven, instead of a gimmick rally; this will be a time-distance rally. Cars will start out over a set route to get a mileage check and then follow their route instructions to hopefully end up at the end destination point with the correct distant traveled in the correct time. Teams start out with 1000 points and lose points for time over or under the target time (unknown to teams until the rally is over) and for distance over or under the target distance (also unknown to the teams). If you know anything about how the SCCA does this, this will be nowhere near that level difficulty. This should be pretty easy and provide a nice 2-3 hour drive in the fine spring air. Weíll end up at Colemanís in Algonquin.

Hope to see you there! -- Wade Keene

Photos and notes from the 2002 Spring Chicken Rally at:

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