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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
The Marketing of the
Abingdon Summer Party

by Ralph J Arata

Last year I had the privilege of constructing the brochure for the first Abingdon Summer Party (with a lot of help of course).

This year I was called on to do the same but also to coordinate the marketing of this event to a number of local MG chapters. To make a long story short I am communicating via letter, phone and email with approx. 18 target clubs covering a 350-mile radius around Chicago.

The effort includes getting these clubs to publish our Abingdon press release in their newsletter, distributing flyers that I send under separate cover and to participate in the event itself.

Response has been very good! Below is a first specific event communication, which is being mailed to all target MG clubs. There will be 2 more. The idea is two fold:
    1. Provide information on specific Abingdon events.
    2. To provide continuous information flow i.e. advertising.

“The Abingdon Gymkhana”

The MG is, first of all, a race car! It has a proud history of Le Mans and circuit racing. It is the kind of the driver learns from in order to get the most out of it! In this the MG is a very different kind of roster from some its contempory Japanese copies.

Have you ever thought about running your MG competitively??
That would be something to tell the kids or the folks in the office!

The Abgindon Gymhana is autocross at its best. Your competition is pitting your driving skills against “the course”. Its competitive driving that is easy on your MG but challenging to you.

The Abgindon Gymhana is that Saturday event which is executed on the Main Street of Abingdon, Illinois. If you’re a spectator you will be fascinated by it but if you choose to join us as driver - the experience will stay with you for a LONG TIME!

All are welcome to participate. Helmets are required and some are available. Cars are checked for safety and the course is walked. Chicagoland MG Club autocross experts are there to direct and answer your questions.

Try it - you WILL be very surprised!
Ralph J Arata

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