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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Mid Summer Autocross
June 24, 2001
by Bill Mennell

Bill MennellTwelve drivers and a half dozen spectators took advantage of the fine summer weather and came out for the Mid-summer Autocross held at DePaul University in Naperville on Sunday June 24, 2001.

As promised (threatened?), the course was laid out a little differently this time. It had the usual gates and tight curves, but this time in addition to 1st and 2nd gears, reverse was also used. The first part of course included the 'parking lot dash'. Drivers had to pull into a standard size 90-degree parking slot from speed, then (simulating seeing an approaching SUV and a spot thirty feet closer to the door of the donut shop) back into the second parking slot before continuing forward again. (I used to practice this quite often when I was working!)

We also included several forward and reverse 'stop in the box' sections. A slalom in reverse was rather intimidating the first couple of runs but great fun to watch. Contrary to rumor, the local transmission and clutch repair shop did not sponsor the event. The club's tech co-ordinater took advantage of the morning and had an un-scheduled tech session on MGA distributers.

After the event we repaired to a local establishment, The Rock Bottom Brewery, for the traditional bragging, could-a would-a should-a session. Special thanks to DePaul University for the use of their parking lot and to the 'spectators' who assisted with the timing and monitoring the cones.


Numbers in parenthesis are cones hit,
each counting for one second added to time.
Times given are corrected to include cones, if any.
Class wins, trophies for first, second, and third.

Modified, prepared, and expert 1. Barney Gaylord 1min 1.11 sec (2) MGA 2. Mike Olsen 1min 5.47 sec BGT 3. Dave Bralich 1min 11.53sec (1) MGB MGB & GT 1. Steve Benni 1min 5.22 sec MGB 2. Dave Benni 1min 11.25 sec MGB 3. Maynard Hirsch 1min 11.39 sec MGB 4. Mike Hirsch 1min 15.48 sec MGB 5. Terry Gaskin 1min 18.85 sec (1) MGB Midgets, MGAs, T Series 1. Jack McIlvain 1min 1.40 sec Midget 2. Paul Urquhart 1min 8.24 sec MGA 3. Bill Mennell 1min 10.92 sec TD 4. Steve Merical 1min 19.76 sec MGA

See more pictures and notes of this event on line at

lineup in the paddock Cowboy burnout off the start line
BGT hatchback backing yellow rbb in hard lean

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