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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline

Ann and Jake Snyder Just a Simple Wrench
by Ann & Jake Snyder

Time Warp

How many of us have read B.S. Levy's books, beginning with The Last Open Road, and not wondered what it was like to see the sports cars of the late forties and early fifties racing in the open country side? Picture yourself standing by a tree-lined course on a perfect spring day. The breeze is cool, but the sun is warm, and the sky is a deep blue with scattered white clouds. Dragonflies dart here and there, and you can hear birds chirping in the woods and fields. Suddenly, you hear the sound of small bore engines approaching. After a brief screech of brakes, around the corner (as if on rails) race MG TCs and TDs, vying for the lead.

Group 1 cars
MGs in Group 1 begin their pace lap.
The view is unobstructed because the photographer
was at F&C (Flags & Communications) Station 1.

Now, for extra measure, add a couple of '32 J2s and a boat-tailed '31 C-type (44 produced). Well, wake up and smell the hot brakes- you could have been at the Blackhawk Vintage Classic, one of two Vintage Sports Car Drivers Association events each year to include a Group 1 race. The Vintage Classic is held each Father's Day weekend. The other event is the Fall Festival, held at Road America in September. But for travelling back in time, Blackhawk Farms Raceway is a venue that cannot be excelled. AutoWeek has referred to this as "a gem of a little track". It winds for 2 miles through wooded countryside near Rockton, IL, just a pleasant drive from most of Chicagoland.

This year, Chicagoland MG Club members in the Group 1 races included Scott Fohrman (red '32 J2), Rey Navarro (red '49 TC), and Jeff Powell (black '48 TC). Later each day, Dave Brahlich (green '69 B) and Scott Forhman (blue '64 B) were racing in Group 8. Kudos to Scott for winning the Group 8 race on Saturday!

Yes, Chicagoland, there is real racing in your backyard, and they never drive in circles. Mark your calendar for next year!

Group 1 cars
Group 6 pace lap approaching turn 6.
Scott Fohrman's MGB is the second car from the right.

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