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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Left hand drive The Steering Column
From your Co-chairmen
John Schroeder
John Schroeder's Left Hand Drive

Greetings everyone!
Ann and I had to cancel our trip to MG 2006. My mother became ill while visiting our family here in Illinois and we had to make sure she was cared for. My daughter and I took her back to Ohio, where she is in nursing care. She is getting excellent care and we await her long term prognosis.
As it turns out, fourteen cars drove down in the Monday caravan. They ran into some rain in Kentucky, but all the cars ran well so the group arrived Tuesday afternoon. I want to thank Jack Feldman for volunteering to meet the group at the oasis and get things moving. The train trip was also a great success. I hear everyone had a great time. Our club received a plaque in recognition of our Thirtieth Anniversary presented by Don Hayter. He worked for MG at Abingdon in the design works. Everyone I have spoken to said it was an incredible experience. Reinout drove his M on the Tail of the Dragon and had a great time.
Ann and I just got back from a fantastic four day weekend. Since we weren't able to go to Gatlinburg, we decided to work on the Wine, Cheese, and Beer tour and visit our son in Waupaca, WI. We left Friday morning with our maps for destinations unknown. We decided as we traveled that this is our first trip with no time table or route. We found many really great driving roads. Our first stop was to resupply my Fat Squirrel stash at New Glarus brewery. We had a great time and the car ran perfectly. It rained on and off, but we drove most of the time with the top down. We really enjoy driving in the open air, especially since we added a Windblocker to our boot. I have information about the Wine, Cheese, and Beer tour posted elsewhere in this issue.
The summer picnic at Curt and Sheryl's was a lot of fun. We didn't get to run Tom's rally, but everyone we talked to enjoyed the drive.
We have many exciting driving events ahead! Mark your calendars for the two day weekend tours in August and September along with the day trips and autocrosses. Be sure to check the Driveline or the web site for up to date information. We really enjoy traveling in our LBC with friends new and old from the MG crowd.
I hope you take every opportunity to enjoy your cars as Ann and I do!

See you on the road! - John -

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