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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Meeting Minutes
Monday, June 18, 2007

The meeting was called to order at eight o’clock (p.m.) by Co-Chairman Russ Mehaffey when he banged the gavel. The “MG Bucks” sign-up sheet, for those wearing a first-time MG event shirt, was passed around. Present were 25 members – and no guests (or freeloaders). Refused entry, even after an absence of 17 years, were thousands of cicadas.
Brief reports were given on car projects.
-Paul Maudlin (an appropriate last name for an MG owner, if there ever was one), lamented on various & sundry ailments plaguing his MGB – although he did mention that the proper MG air cleaners seemed to help the idle (but the car probably thought it was the placebo effect)
-John Schroeder said his MGB needed a turn signal switch (why can’t you just stick your arm out the window like the rest of us, John?)
-Ray Hansen inquired about where he can find Midget parts (presumably for his car, rather than to fence)
-Joel-Paul (“JP”) Brossard is working on his rubber-bumper (“rb”) B


The Champagne British Car Festival (5/25/07-5/27/07) – John Schroeder said there were 40-50 cars and that “Wilbur” won the best costume (Hawaiian was the theme).
Barney and one other Club member were present at the Sandwich car show on 5/27/07.
It was at this point at the meeting that Jim Evans explained that the rationale of awarding MG Bucks to Club members who enter their MGs at car shows that are not specifically for LBCs is to promote our cars to the public at large (aka, the great unwashed) in attendance, and thereby piquing interest in the marque (in spite of the appearance of their owners). He mentioned the next such show is in July in Lake Forest (the land of the “pampered poodles of the North Shore”). (With some MGs there and a good representation from the CMGC, not only will there be a wide variety of motorcars to please the gearheads, but both ends of the evolutionary spectrum should be represented – an anthropologist’s dream.) He said that an MG Bucks sign-up sheet is available at these events to verify attendance. (It also could serve as proof for an alibi).
Russ mentioned that another British Car Week has come and gone – so it’s hoped that everyone drove their cars during that time.
This past Saturday (6/16/07) was the Lands’ End rally – organized by Tom Josefek (who was skulking in the back of the room). It consisted of 26 questions; most seem to enjoy it. Afterward, the three-club (CMGC, VMGCC, BB&B) picnic was held at Curt Bork’s.
Dean Swanson said that Curt has plenty of MG car parts that he will sell to a junkman – if they’re unclaimed – prior to his moving next month. So, drive out there to see if you want anything


6/30/07-7/1/07 Windy City Miata Club autocross (to which the CMGC is invited); will be in Indiana – for MG Bucks
7/6/07-7/8/07 Secrets of Jo Daviess Tour – for MG Bucks
7/20/07-7/22/07 Road America Camping weekend; Jake Snyder reviewed the various activities – for MG Bucks
7/22/07 the aforementioned Lake Forest Classic Car Show – enter your car for MG Bucks
7/23/07-7/27/07 NAMGAR convention in Whistler, British Columbia (in Canada)
8/9/07-8/12/07 University Motors Summer Party – for MG Bucks. Reinout Vogt and Jim Evans reviewed the history of this nationally known MG event that was very popular years ago, and that recently has been resurrected. Years ago, the CMGC was well-represented there. The agenda was reviewed, and it was pointed out that since this year’s NAMGBR & NAMGAR conventions are on the west (left?) coast of North America, many cars from east of the Mississippi River could be at this party, as their owners could opt for this boondoggle instead. Members were urged to consider attending.
8/19/07 “Orphan” Car Show in Aurora – enter your car for MG Bucks. As this show features all sorts of discontinued and defunct cars, incl. MGs, it should be of interest to many car buffs. (And sociologists could have a field day.)
8/25/07 Windy City Miata Club Autocross – for MG Bucks
9/9/07 BCU Festival – enter your car for MG Bucks. Dean Swanson and “Cowboy” previewed this annual event. “The Spinal Tappets”, a rock band consisting of Triumph owners, will be providing entertainment. Dean reminded everyone that our Club has responsibility for marshalling the cars in to the show – and it was pointed out that this duty provides a good opportunity to see the cars (without having to walk around to do so). He said that he’ll be passing around signup sheets to volunteer at the next two meetings.
9/15/07-9/16/07 Wisconsin Wine, Cheese & Beer Tour – it was stated by John Schroeder, who’ll be organizing it again, that it will be run in the southern part of the state.



A discussion was held on the pros & cons of continuing to hold the Natter n Noggin at McNally’s Pub in Elmhurst. It was noted that attendance at this informal monthly function has been lagging – so perhaps a change of scenery (i.e., a new venue) might be needed. A few possible new locations were suggested. An announcement will be made (on the web site, in the Driveline, and by e-mail) if and when the change will be made.
We need a full-time editor of the Driveline; Barney has assumed the role on a temporary basis. Jim asked that those who have good organizational & computer skills consider taking this position. (Guess that rules out the Secretary.)
Jim said the work on the Club’s Project Car is progressing slowly. More workers are needed, and this is a very good chance to understand better our cars and how to fix them. Published work dates are in the Driveline and on the web site. He asked that we try to increase our attendance at Wade Keene’s garage, so we can finish the car.
It was announced that the memorial service of long-time CMGC member Dennis Trowbridge will be this Saturday (6/23/07). Anyone planning on attending is asked to RSVP with Joanne – BUT FIRST CHECK FOR UPDATES ON THIS ON OUR WEB SITE.
At 8:55 p.m. we took a break to socialize, buy 50/50 raffle tickets, and relieve ourselves (behind closed doors). After we ran out of pleasantries to exchange with one another (and were suitably relieved – judging by the recent nearby cacophony of “oohs” and “aahs”), the 50/50 raffle winners were announced. They were: “Cowboy” (who took the cash – $16 worth), Mike Hirsch (a t-shirt), and Bill Reece (an MGB license plate frame).
Doug Clark
The meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

Respectufully submitted,
Doug Clark

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