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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Left hand drive The Steering Column
From your Co-chairmen
John Schroeder
John Schroeder's Left Hand Drive

Greetings everyone! Happy Summer.
What a driving season we are having. The weather has been great, with a couple of hot spells, but not enough to cancel any outings. The rain has cooperated also.
I replaced the floats on my SUís. The metal hinge actually wore through. I thought the brass pins were supposed to wear first, but not on my floats. The new ones are all plastic and not adjustable. Probably a good thing! I also finally found the problem with my electrical system and have that repaired. The connector in the Moss conversion kit loosened up and was producing far more heat than electrical transfer. It took me a while to find out why I had 14.5 volts coming off the alternator, but only 12 going to the battery. Any way, it seems to be OK now.
Bob Simon and I drove to the British Boots and Bonnets Wheels and Wings show on July 9th. It was a very pleasant small show with vintage cars and airplanes sharing the field. We just walked the show. I left the MG home and rode up with Bob and a friend of his.
I finally made it to the clubís annual Road America Camping Trip in Elkhart Lake, WI. I had a great time. Bill Hedrick and I caravanned up on Friday. We stayed at the Plymouth Rock Campground which is just a short distance from the track. We set up our tents with the roar of the cars running practice laps in the background. We went in to Elkhart Lake for the Concours show on Friday evening. We went to the track Saturday, and walked through the paddock area. There were so many vintage race cars there. We sat near turn 7 and watched qualifying runs. We stopped on the way back to the camp to resupply our beer. The store had Moose Drool beer from Big Sky Brewery in Montana. Donít let the name fool you, it is excellent. I had had some in Wyoming last year at the Pahaska Teepee Lodge. We grilled that night. Everyone had brought a dish to pass so we ate really well. It was too hot for a fire so we pulled up our chairs and talked until the not so wee hours of the evening. I donít thing I could make it to midnight if I had to. We got up Sunday morning to a real treat. Deb Mennell was making Mimosas for us and Bill was cooking crepes with lingenberry jam. That was a great breakfast. I didnít go to the track Sunday. Bill and I broke camp and head back to Chicago. We stopped to get some more beer to take home with us. We stopped for lunch at the Mars Cheese Castle and still managed to stay ahead of the worst of the traffic.
We didnít get to the Aurora Cruise night or Deanís Summer tour. I was driving back from Ohio on the 21st and we had a prior commitment on the 23rd. We did get to go to see Lt. Danís Band with Gary Senese on the 22nd. Larry Daniels, Mary Hansen, Oscar and Diana Gonzales, Bob and Pat Simon were there as well. We had a picnic on the grounds of Cantigny while we waited for the concert to begin. Soon the clouds and rain rolled in to try to douse the excitement. We all ran to our cars to wait it out. The rain stopped and we did get to enjoy the concert.
Dan Herman was at the last meeting with a slide presentation of the Jo Daviess County Tour. The hotel is tentatively booked, but if you want to go Dan found another hotel nearby or keeping trying the Country Inn and Suites. Their room availability changes. Check for more information in this issue.
I have a few tickets available for Julius Caesar, if you want to go let me know. There is more information on the Wine, Cheese, and Beer tour in this issue.
We have a lot of exciting driving events ahead! Mark your calendars for the two day weekend tours in August and September along with the day trips and autocrosses. It is also time to make your arrangements for the annual Abingdon Weekend. Be sure to check the Driveline or the web site for up to date information. Ann and I look forward to these weekends.

See you on the road! - John -

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