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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Library Muse

Now that Bernie took the U.S.A. off the Formula 1 2008 calendar and the Champ (chump?) and Indy car series are still feuding, that leaves us with one major racing series. Thatís right, its those Raciní Redneck, the Crown Princes of the trailer parks, those Roundy Round Boys known as Nascar. For the August meeting we will have available a copy of Driving with the Devil.

Driving with the Devil:
Southern Moonshine, Detroit Wheels, and the Birth of Nascar

By Neal Thompson
2006, hardbound, 365 pages, b&w photos

The title says it all. The true story of how a bunch of rumrunners from the 1930s found they could make some extra cash on Sunday afternoon by racing on dirt tracks in the South. I found that the book read like a good novel and found it hard to put down, and Iím not a big Nascar guy. In rebuttal Deb says ďItís good if you can ignore the constant re-directions; Parkers life, cut to Grandfathers life, cut to Henry Fordís beginning, cut to ...


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