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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Donald M. Healey Rally
September 11, 2004

AHCA club logo The Austin-Healey Club of America, Midwest Region, presented us with, well, let’s be nice and say a “different” kind of rally the day before the Brit Car Fest. This was something called a Texas Bell Curve Rally. In general, it was timed between two check points, the top and bottom 10% of the elapsed times were tossed out, the rest were averaged, and the car finishing closest to the average elapsed time wins.

In other words, it was a crap shoot. There wasn’t much you could do to improve on pure chance, but there were some things you could do to make things worse. Apparently it’s not good to park or get lost for 20 minutes. Also not good to start last and proceed to pass several cars in front of you. When the last half of the pack hussled a bit to cluster together in a fairly close caravan with the mid starters, it made the early starters look late.

The good news is that 20 cars entered, and the rally distance was about 125 miles (if you didn’t get lost). So collective mileage was at least 2500 miles, and none of the cars broke down. I’d like to say they all finished, but apparently a couple of cars called in and went home. Well, okay, Barney’s MGA did twist off a half shaft two blocks from home, but that wasn’t part of the rally, and it was repaired in time for the British Car Festival the next day. To top it all off it was a very nice day for a cruise, and a good time was had by all (even if a few may not want to admit it).

Driver/Navigator Car      Elapsed   Elapsed
                            Time   -Average  Place
Frank Cartwright
    1969 TR6                 7620    11.692    1
Tom & Diane Berger
    1974 TR6                 7628    19.692    2
Joe & Maureen Cacciatore
    1969 Jaguar XKE          7578   -30.308    3 
Russ Fitch & Mary Warren
    1979 MGB                 7718   109.692    4
Steve & Beth Gurr
    1978 MGB                 7448  -160.308    5
David & Michaela Lieb
    1972 MG Midget           7770   161.692    6
Steve Domeratious & Al Keil
    1986 Jaguar XJ6          7810   201.692    7
Barney Gaylord
    1958 MGA                 7811   202.692    8
Larry Czachor & Heidi Horst
    1971 MGB                 7405  -203.308    9
Marty Thomas & Dan Anderson
    1963 AH 3000             7379  -229.308   10
Mike Schickler
    1962 AH Sprite           7278  -330.308   11
Mike & Sandy Shuck
    1973 MGB                 7243  -365.308   12
John & Claudia Teschky
    1986 Jaguar XJS          7151  -457.308
Bern Biondo
    1976 TR6                 8220   611.692   13
Ken & Barb Olendzki
    2002 Mini Cooper         6990  -618.308
Dan & Steven Brantley
    1978 MGB                 8353   744.692
Kathleen Meader & Mark Wirta
    1979 MGB                 9307  1698.692
Jon Fraleigh & Rom Mochizuri
    1975 Jaguar XKE          DNF
Doug Clark
    1953 MGTF                DNF
    Press on Regardless Award

Average Time of Qualified Cars     7608.308

More detailed scoring is available on the BCU web site:

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