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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
New Web Server for CMGC

Barney Gaylord In the dark of the night during the fall equinox, after the last club meeting, a few minutes past midnight on September 21st, your faithful webmaster sent the internet order to redirect the club domain name to point at a new web server machine. This had been planned for a couple of months, and was under construction for a couple of weeks. The new web site is a mirror image of the old one, so most of you would not have even noticed the switch, for which I am very pleased that it went well.

We now have four times the on-line data space, so we won’t have to skimp on the pictures for years to come. There are facilities for spam e-mail filtering on the server (which was sorely needed). There are some additional capabilities available, which we may or may not ever use, like chat room, mailing list, shopping cart, or on-line data base. Web services have been getting cheaper, so all this new and neat stuff will be costing the club about $120/year less cash.

The world has definitely been getting smaller. Our web site has been growing in popularity and is now getting about 9000 visitors weekly from about 6000 unique addresses. The most popular pages are the Tech Tips with more than 300,000 page views since the first of the year. Other popular haunts are the classified ads, photos, Driveline, and the home page to keep up with current events.

Y’all have another look? --

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