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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Halloween Rally
October 26, 2003
Chris Ostermann & Mike Olsen, Rallymasters

From Bachelor Grove Woods, just south of Palos Heights, to Claredon Hills, by way of more than a dozen cemeteries and other haunted places.

The last driving event of the year is over. It was a fine, brisk Fall day, but you only froze when the sun was behind the clouds. At least the 100+ motorcycles that we saw by Archer Woods and cruising on Rt 83 kept us from feeling lonely in our insanity.

Our fearless rallymasters, Chris Ostermann and Mike Olsen, had prepared a rally replete with haunted cemeteries and ending at a haunted restaurant. The fall colors along Archer Road, especially in the Paw Paw Woods section were magnificent in the sunshine, even though we really weren’t supposed to be there. Once again the dreaded missing route instruction wreaked havoc as the seven teams scratched our collective heads and tried to figure out where St James’s church and cemetery had gone, since they certainly weren’t where the route instructions told us to look. Everybody found the end of the rally anyway, however, and I think all of us have forgiven the rallymasters, right? We would certainly run out of rallymasters in a hurry if we were to hold grudges over honest oversights!

It was a very educational rally; I have now seen Showman’s Rest, Mayor Daley’s grave, the monument of the United Ancient Order of Druids, and the grave of Al Capone.

The format worked quite well with a lot more route instructions than questions. This made for a much more pleasant drive than most gimmick rallies with very few stretches of poking along looking for clues. Great job, Mike and Chris!

David Lieb

Finish Driver/Navigator 1. David Lieb - Michaela Lieb 2. Ralph Arata - Susan Arata 3. Larry Czachor - Heidi Horst 4. Kevin Sheldon - Bob Sheldon 5. Barney Gaylord - Elliot Gaylord 6. C. James - I. James 7. Wade Keene - (ghost)

Sorry, no pictures this year.
Photos from the 2002 Halloween Rally at

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