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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
The Steering Column from (one of) your co-chairmen

William 'Wilbur' Mennell I hope that everyone took the opportunity to get out in their MGs and enjoy some of this year’s spectacular fall weather. The season is winding down but we still have two “driving” type events left this year, the Fall Tune Down Party and the Cruise to the Rock. The tune down party is a rare opportunity to get your car up on a rack and inspect the under carriage of the car while standing up, not lying flat on a creeper on a cold, damp garage floor. Once you get past the oil stains, it can be quite interesting (damn scary!) finding areas of needed repair. Last spring several cars were found to have pinched-off rear brake lines, probably from having been towed in the past. How long had those cars not had functioning rear brakes? It’s nice when all four corners have working brakes. It can save a lot of money on body repairs, both yours and the car’s.

The cruise can be quite an adventure. Several Thanksgivings ago Deb and I were driving down the Eisenhower in the ‘G’ to meet at the rock. Of course, the hood was down even though it was a rather invigorating morning, about 35 degrees. We were bundled up like a couple of Eskimos, but it was still rather brisk. Hey, the heater had been working fine in July. Anyway, Deb remarked that we were crazy and wanted to stop and put the top up. She had to quiet down though when we were passed by a group of Harleys. We might have been crazy, but those guys were downright certifiable. If you have been there in the past you know about the feathers. The chance to be a star on cable TV. And trying to keep up with Don Anderson on the way home on the Stevenson during a snow shower is a thrill in itself. There is nothing like a little fresh air and a light brunch to whet one’s appetite for a big holiday turkey dinner later in the afternoon.

Speaking of the holidays, our holiday party will be on Saturday December13th, at the Elmcrest Banquet Hall in Elmwood Park. It promises to be quite an evening. I am looking forward to seeing you there. If you a like me, you haven’t yet given a thought to doing your holiday shopping. That’s what December 24th is for. Or if you are organized (anal) enough to already have a good start on this labor of love, please remember that George Goeppner is still collecting models on behalf of CMGC to take to The Mercy Center for Boys. Please bring your donations to this month’s Natter ‘n’ Noggin or the meeting. The November meeting will also be your last chance to make nominations for each of the CMGC’s four elected position for 2004. Speak up now or forever hold you peace. Or at least until October of next year.


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