Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline January-February 2011

Directions (continued)
Editor Victor L'Heureux won the award for being the closest to the average. Congratulations and a round of applause for putting this Driveline together.

I am also starting the planning for the 2011 driving Season and hopefully we'll be able to offer more or less the same calendar as last year. If you have suggestions for new events, changes to existing events, or other good ideas, please give me a call or shoot me an e-mail. (847) 342-9804 or, I look forward to your feedback.

In the Sept/Oct issue of the Driveline I spoke about the convention of the North American Council of MG Registers,the once-per-five year all MG event. This time it will be held in Reno-Tahoe, Nevada from June 13-17. This is the direct link to the event website But getting in Reno-Tahoe is an adventure in itself and there will be a organized tour along the old highway US50. You can read about this Rally to Reno at this website

It is never to early to thinking about such a long tour and big event. John Schroeder who has organized already 6 of the last 7 Chicagoland MG Club Convention Tours is already brewing up a 2011 plan! You can hook up with John via our Facebook community to share your thoughts and plans at and search for Chicagoland MG Club.

"The more you dream about driving during
the winter, the more you'll enjoy your MG in
the spring!"

-- Reinout Vogt

2010 Traveling Trophy Winners

trophy The CMGC has two traveling trophies,the Moss Motors Cup, for the driver of the year, and the Victoria British Cup for the navigator of the year. Below are the ‘Top 10’ results of the 2010 Driving Season. Congratulations go to this year's winners.—Barney and Teresa Gaylord.

They will have their engraved names added to the long list of past winners and have the honor of displaying these trophies for one year.

Moss Motors Cup
  1  Barney Gaylord
  2  Victor L'Heureux
  3  Kim Tonry
  4  Jim Evans
  5  Ralph Arata
  6  Dino Perez
  7  Scott Boyer
  8  Oscar Gonzales
  9  Dave Peterson
10  Mike Cobb
Victoria British Cup
  1  Teresa Gaylord
  2  Penny L'Heureux
  3  Diane Tonry
  4  Lisa Perez
  5  Lois Evans
  6  Diana Gonzalez
  7  Susan Arata
  8  Mary Kay Cobb
  9  Nancy Herman
10  Debi McCloud

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