Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline March 2013
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Other Events Award
In 2012 only two teams participated in 5 of the 6 other events. These are mostly non-driving events. Barney Gaylord was without a navigator this year and focused on tech sessions, the GOF and the Cruise.

Autocross Award
Thanks to vice-president Joel Brossard the Autocross events have made it back on the calendar. With two first and one second place Seth Jones accumulated 14 of his 19 season points from auto crossing his Midget.

Driving Coordinators Special Rally Award
This season had a very special event on the calendar. After many years, Mark Michalak and University Motors brought back the MG Grand Lake Endurance Rally. Only two club members were at the start of this long distance event a.k.a. a Lap Around The Lake. About a thousand miles, non-stop, in a little bit more than 24 hours is a challenge in any car. Let alone in an almost 40 year old Britsh Sports Car. Steve Skegg and Kim Tonry won the event in Steve’s TR6 and will be the rally masters for the 2013 edition.

1/3rd of the Way - Honorable mention
This category is basically a combination and an extension of the Moss Motors and Victory British Trophies (most points) and the Endurance Award (most events). The teams that scored at least 7 points (1/3 of Victor’s), didn’t win any other award, and participated in at least 6 (1/2 of Victor’s) are:

Name Name Total Points/Events
George and Jana Pharris 15/7
John and Juliana Kearns 14/7
Jim and Lois Evans 9/6
Oscar and Diana Gonzales 9/6

Bad Luck Award – A serious MG problem
The Bad Luck Award speaks for it self but 2012 was an unusual, Good Luck year. No major break-down during one of the driving events was recorded. We are not even aware of any other technical malfunction that could qualify. Therefore, no Bad Luck Award for 2012. Hopefully this is the beginning of a trend. But if it is not, we’ll bring the 1/2 inch spanner back for 2013.

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