Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline June 2014

    Monthly Meeting Minutes
May 19, 2014

David Novak

At 8:02 President George Phariss brought the meeting to order.
Passed around a card for Dan Herman.
Oil Wrench was found at the spring tune-up. It was unclaimed and has gone into the club tool crib.

Special Presentation:
Barnet Fage AKA The Red-Light Doctor joined us to give a presentation about red-light cameras that lasted about 30 minutes. Very interesting stuff!

We then took a brief break. $30 rollover from last month by Rich Meservey, plus $20 from this evening and Tony Muzereus walked away with $50!
Car Projects:
Russ Mehaffey
brought in a piston from a 3-main B-Series engine block that he bought, that shows SIGNIFICANT pre-ignition damage! Luckily the block was machined to good-as-new, was assembled by Steve Skegg, and now sits happily under the bonnet of the MGA.
Wilber Mennell brought info on the Saturn alternator conversion.
John Kearns had a lot of brake work done by MG's Unlimited. Had the brakes redone, washer pump, and valves adjusted. John's front cross-member bushings were totally shot and replacement of them make it "ride like a Cadillac". Still had a brake issue and had it towed back. Turns out a bad master-cylinder was the source of the woes. Now it's replaced, and he's ready for the JoDavies tour, which is good because he's running it this year!
Seth Jones found pinholes in a fuel line before the fuel pump, which was causing sputtering and poor performance. He also found a leaking Lucas coil. With both of those items fixed, he's running much better. He's also adding anti-tramp bars, which he received from Moss Motors of Europe, which he feels are not worth the money or hassle. He's also working on another Midget, who had a spongy pedal, and some other issue. It turns out that one of the drum shoes had delaminated!

Staff Reports:
Minister of Finance:
Not present, so George delivered the financial bits. Watching the cash out-flow, and looking for ways to increase revenue (increasing advertising in the newsletter, increase club dues, adding a driving event fee, etc.).
Membership: Still a little low, but we got a few new members including Ralph and Mary Brooks, who joined at the Spring Chicken Rally.
Library: Some new stuff. Plaques still for sale!
Regalia: Still selling stuff!
Webmaster: Traveling free! But still available.
VP: In the midst of buying/selling a house, so is elsewhere.
Dino accepted the position of the Car Show rep.

Driving and Social Events:
Garage Sale:
June 7th, at noon, at the clubs parts locker. There's lots of stuff to get rid of. It will be a silent auction, and "No bid is too small"! Leftover junk parts will be recycled, and


if you have extra parts you want to "donate" to the junk pile, feel free to bring them. Proceeds from recycling will be donated to the club. Any questions, please contact Jim Evans.
NAMGBR Convention: Jim Evans is leading a drive from Homewood, on the Dixie Highway, down to French Lick. Contact Jim Evans if you're interested in joining the convoy, or see last month's Driveline.
Lands End Rally: June 29th starting in Hoffman Estates @ 10am. The Mehaffey's are hosting the Rally and is tentatively scheduled to end in Crystal Lake at Nick's Pizza. It'll be about a 2 hour drive, and organized as a "Poker Run", based on what sounds like some voodoo-math that Russ is making up as he goes along.
JoDavies Tour: John is filling in for Dan Herman. The tour is June 3rd-5th. John is looking at hotels in the area for after the tour. Contact John if you're interested in going on the tour.

Next meeting is during French Lick!
Next month Seth is brining the cut-out transmission and give a talk on the ins-and-outs of the MG transmission.

Meeting adjourned at 9:45PM.

Respectfully yours,
David Novak

CMGC Regalia

If you have not been to our Club's web site for regalia at "" then you are missing out. It is a great place to find that right piece of clothing to be in style at one of our club events. There is a wide selection of items, colors, and sizes and you can personalize any of the items that you select by adding a name or slogan or car information. Our store has a great selection of clothes for him, her, infants, and toddlers. There is another web site that has lots of merchandise for British car enthusiasts that our club logo is also available and that is "". This is also a good site for merchandise. As always, if you have any problems, donít hesitate to call George or email me and I will try to help you out.

Any questions, do not hesitate to ask George.

~~ George Phariss  

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