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Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline
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  Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline
Driveline - June 2014
Cover - Spring Chicken Rally photo
Intro & Club Officers
Editor's Corner
Left Hand Drive
Right Hand Drive
Monthly Meeting Minutes, May
CMGC Regalia
New Directions (Driving Events)
Vintage Sports Car, LLC (ad)
Library Muse
Motor Works (ad)
Fix It With Steve
Spring Chicken Rally/Tour
Francen & Son (ad)
Auto Appraisal Group (ad)
MG 2014 Drive into a Guilded Past
HELP - MGA Red Interior Color
Lands End Rally
Garage Tour - July 12 2014
Steve's British Connection (ad)
Customized Car Portraits (ad)

  Wine, Cheese and Beer Tour 2014
  Post cards from Karel
  MGAguru is on the Prowl
  HELP - Tracking down a wayward 1963 MGB
  CMGC Events Calendar
  MG Expreiences on Company Travel
  MG Expreiences on Company Travel (cont'd)
  Back Cover
  Spring Chickn Rally pictures
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Spring Tune-up Session is the first step in getting
your car ready for the Driving Season.

June 2014 

Spring Tune Up Party
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